Quinnipiac Poll: Senate Race a Dead Heat

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braley ernst

DES MOINES, Iowa – With just a day to go before the results of the midterm elections are announced, the latest Quinnipiac University poll shows the hotly contested senate race is a dead heat.

The poll, released Monday morning, has Democrat Rep. Bruce Braley in a 47-47 tie with Republican Joni Ernst.

“Iowa’s U.S. Senate race is a dead heat. The candidate who best gets his or her folks to the polls is going to win,” poll assistant director Peter Brown said.

Last week, Quinnipiac gave Ernst a four point lead. While on Saturday, a Des Moines Register poll had Joni Ernst with a seven-point lead over Bruce Braley.

Monday’s Quinnipiac University poll gave Governor Branstad an 11-point lead over Democratic challenger Jack Hatch in the gubernatorial race. The pollsters had the state senator 19 points down last week.


  • Tim

    if the race were so even, that i knew my vote were the deciding vote

    i still wouldn’t vote for either of them

    • Mark

      I doubt if you have ever talked to Joni Ernst so why do you say she is a “fake”? Explain yourself with facts and not typical Democrat name calling.

      • Lee

        Know her very well. Waiting for the right moment. Do you ever read the newspaper? Must not.
        People don’t educate themselves who they’re voting for. This is why our country is such a mess. Joni is a fake.

  • Peggy

    If Ernst get elected she’s going to have a tough time with the women in Iowa. Most women can see through her. Guys don’t think with their heads

    • Peggy

      LOL You really need to get out more. There are good people in the state who will see Ernst and Young are held accountable for their actions.

  • tom sullivan

    wow liberals are so blind, and the liberal women are the worst, stop watching the liberal news and check the facts… recently the commercials accused Joni as being against re-newable fuels and farmers… that’s just not true ..flat out lie… what is true is that brailey voted time and again to raise taxes, total over a billion dollars, he voted to cut social security programs for seniors, he voted to close social security offices making seniors drive farther to access benefits, and voted to cut millions out of medicare and give it to obamacare… wake up liberals… check your facts

  • Billie

    Like we need any more republicans to shut down our government at the loss of 24 billion. We need people who can get along, get to work and not act like babies.

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