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Students Help Out Local Community

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Monday was the perfect fall day for some metro kids to leave the books behind. It was Grand View Christian Schools’ Work-a-Thon.

Kids in grades six through 12 went out across the community to help others. They did everything from yard work to cleaning gutters and washing windows. Most of the people they helped are elderly and unable to do the tasks themselves.

During the month leading up to this event, the kids went out into the community asking for pledges for their work. The money raised will go to provide tuition assistance to students.

“Even though they aren't in the classroom pushing paper and pencil and taking notes, I think it's a great day for them to understand life isn't about them and that we’re called to serve,” says teacher Geoff Lane.

Each group of students helped complete tasks at several different sites throughout the day.

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