Joni Ernst Wins Election, First Woman to Represent Iowa in US Senate

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Joni Ernst has been elected as the next U.S. Senator from Iowa. The Republican, a state Senator from Red Oak, defeated Democrat U.S. Representative Bruce Braley in one of the nation’s closest watched elections.

Ernst Elected to US Senate
VIDEO: Ernst Claims Victory
VIDEO: Braley Delivers Concession Speech
RESULTS: Election Day 2014

Ernst will fill the seat currently occupied by Senator Tom Harkin. Harkin, who has served in the U.S. Senate since 1985, announced in January 2013 that he would retire at the end of his term in January 2015.

Recent polls had shown Ernst pulling ahead, a poll released by the Des Moines Register this weekend showed her with a seven point lead. A Quinnipiac University poll released Monday showed the race was tied at 47%.

Ernst will be sworn in to the Senate in January.

WATCH: Joni Ernst's Victory Speech

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WATCH: Bruce Braley's Concession Speech

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PHOTO GALLERY: Joni Ernst Elected to US Senate


  • Godot

    Despite the best efforts of the lamestream media to deny her win until the polls closed on the left coast. One of th elamestreams STILl showing her behind and only 20 % of returns in at 10:27 EST. If THAT ain’t rigging…

    • Johnjjg

      Really? Lamestream media? You are still using Bush era Rush slogans. I guess you still havent learned that the Republicans are no better than the Dems. Its a big game. They sure did stop Obamacare, illegal alien invasion, and banker bailouts didnt they? A big joke!

      • Oscar

        Not yet. Obamacare was passed without one Republican vote and that is directly laid on the people that elected Democrats to a majority in the House and a super majority in the Senate. It isn’t the Republicans fault as they tried.
        Now the Republicans can over ride Obama’s executive order for amnesty and then can deal with the rest.

      • Johnjjg

        Oscar, the “r’s” had both houses and the presidency. TheY did nothing to stop illegals, didnt open for more oil drilling, and our debt sky rocketed. It was the “r’s” that paid the bankers. I used to be an “r” before I got sick of the very same excuses you are giving now.

    • Jeff Crouse

      For those of you who are not from Iowa let me reming you that Joni will replace Tom Harkin famous for screaming a duet with Howard Dean that destroyed Deans political future, and a foaming at the mouth commie. What an incredible idealogical swing. Joni was not ashamed of her stand against ethanol and green corruption in general as well as all farm welfare. And Iowans put all that aside for the greater good. Once again, I’m a proud Iowan and proud American.

      • PaulInPittsburgh

        Tom Harkin along with John Kerry are the reasons I was the first member of my formerly blue collar, union Democrat family, to switch parties and become a Republican though I certainly wasn’t the last. April 1985, remember it clear as if it were yesterday … there were Tom Harkin and John Kerry in Managua Nicaragua meeting with Daniel Ortega, committing acts of treason against the US state as they discussed ways to undermined US foreign policy and President Ronald Reagan. Still have the photo of the meeting on my desktop to reminded me of just what nefarious and evil men these two are. The moment they landed in the US afterward and weren’t immediately arrested I had my first moment of clarity and realized that despite all the rhetoric and propaganda from them, the Democrats Party was actively working against the best interests of the US … a realization later validated in the KBG records made available after the fall of the Soviet Union replete with specific instances of treason by elected members of the Democrat Party in the US government.

        Changed my registration that week to Republican (though have since changed it to Independent) and haven’t voted for a Democrat since. And never will as the party has only drifted further to the left and become more openly anti-American and Marxist with each passing day.

    • Bubba Gump

      Exit pols and a mathematical formula. They are usually right on the money. That is how elections are called unless you are a liberal and call them before the pols close.

  • Anna Keppa

    With Joni’s election, it will be raining Dems in Iowa. tomorrow.

    Don’t go outside w/o your reinforced steel umbrellas!

  • banderlogtorpedo

    Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, South Dakota, W Virginia, Iowa and North Carolina all flipped for ten, when only six were needed. I will be interested to see in a year if there are not just enough Democrat
    Senators willing to vote for Obama’s impeachment.

  • Tbone

    I guess the two harpies, Moochell and Hillarious didn’t have much juice to pull the scumbag Braley over the finish line

  • aron smith

    how can you project this race already? no ‘real’ national news (even Fox News) won’t project this race yet

  • Paladin Hawkwing

    Outstanding news! Joni, stand up to the liberals and their anti-American Marxist puppetmasters in DC!! Hooah!

      • J Nice

        The reason it show Braley up still is because the percentage is based on ACTUAL poll returns. Decision desks call races based on exit polls, and expected performance based on each district. So if Braley is winning in a minority district, but underperformed in that district, decision desks will use that information to make estimates. Same thing with exit polls. Hope that helps.

    • Paladin Hawkwing

      Agreed friend. I would hope with the Repubs winning all this that there may be a glimmer of hope that Obama, Holder and Clinton’s arrest for treason (Benghazi, Muslim Brotherhood, Fast Furious, etc..) could be imminent.

    • aron smith

      they’re trying to be first to report. she looks good in exit polls, but since no other news outlet will call it, I’d caution everyone banking on a small, local news station

  • fmc


    I’m so tired that’s all I can manage for now. But believe me, I’m as happy as a cow in an Iowa cornfield.

  • bob walls

    as of 8:46 the time of this post Joni is trailing with about 30 percent of the vote. I hope the other 70 percent put her way over the top.. Premature to call this.

  • Alece Hardt

    Congratulations to our own Channel 13 WHOtv for being the first in the nation to call this election for our beautiful Joni Ernst! We DESERVE her!! And I’m a girl!

  • Crystal

    I am not sure this is accurate when I am watching KCCI and they are showing her still behind in the race????????

    • Wilma

      Those of us who love freedom already have been arming ourselves…for the last 6 years. But you leftys HATE guns, remember? Now you want one??? Make up your mind Stinkfinger!

      • iamjoespinkyfinger

        See, here’s the problem with republicans and democrats, they’re far too programmed to actually deal with issues anymore, so you can’t comprehend why anyone else would.

        What you and your ilk seek is not freedom, and should you come to my door seeking to impose your false, hypocritical beliefs on me or my family, you’ll find out how fast I’m not a lefty you blathering dolt.

  • BPxxx

    The best looser must by Chuck Todd of NBC”News” (you know, the Propaganda wing of Democrat-communist Party..)

    Chuck Todd is steadfastly claiming “there is no Republican wave to talk about here” … LOL

  • Larry Cable

    now owebowel should be dragged out of the white house by his big ears and imprisoned for crimes against humanity and for accessory to murder for aiding 40 million illegal aliens to commit millions of crimes against americans including murder

  • Jason Pozchowitz

    Neither Fox nor Politico have called it for Ernst yet. Seems premature with the polls only closed for 75 minutes. I hope she wins, but I’m waiting on any celebration

  • El duderino

    Thank You Iowa. maybe someday here in the People’s Republic of New. Jersey we can develop some Iowan common sense.

  • Scott

    Robert – you shouldn’t hold back so…it’s unhealthy :)

    Congrats to you all…hoping to move from Wisconsin to the Keokuk area in the foreseeable future!

  • fakirsmith

    Once the nsa blackmail machine kicks in she will fall right in line with the rest of them. Agenda all the way. Ron Paul is correct, we only really have one party.

    • Iowa Independent__

      Hmm as you posted your comment, CBS and Politico called the race for Ernst…how embarrassing for you ;)

    • iamjoespinkyfinger

      Funny, when Joni and the republicans have to resort to stealing land from tax payers for that Texas pipeline, you can be sure the cowards will be hiding behind the police and national guard rather than confront the land owners themselves.

  • Susan van iNwegen

    This is horrible news for women all over this country. Joni Earnst will vote criminalize common forms of birth control!

      • iamjoespinkyfinger

        No, more like telling seriously ill children they can’t have the medicine they need and locking up dying human beings simply because the medicine comes from a plant God created. Maybe your own children will get cancer and you can keep them in Iowa and watch them suffer and die as Joni comforts you from DC.

  • AndrewInMn

    Bye bye scary Reid. Hello Joni and a new dawn in America. Thank you Iowa being at the forefront in taking back America. Perhaps common sense will spread to my state of Minnesota next time around

  • Iowa Independent__

    Oh I can’t wait to hear all the butt-hurt loony-libs responses now that CBS and Politico have called the race for Joni Ernst. Way to go Joni

  • Ed

    Ed here from Arizona.
    I just want to say thank you to Senator Ernst for running (also, congratulations) and a big thank you to the people of Iowa. We are getting our country back. Iowa rocks!
    God Bless you all.

  • Cavscout180thcav

    I will admit I was wrong. I really did not think Iowa would be so bold and brave. I worked for an Iowa company once. West Desmonines. best thing they ever did was sell my division. I really thought Iowa was to far gone to socialist.

  • sven

    Interesting! The Demo kept telling me that the republicans hate women and blacks. No one ever brought up condeleeza and or Colin Powell. Possible that the dems were lying?

  • Shanda Hansen

    I hope each person who has called someone a name on here, laced their comment with profanities, swore to violence to either demecrats, republicans or Joni Ernst is ashamed. Many of these comments are rediculous and ignorant. The only way positive changes will happen is if each party works together. The people the sit in our senate and house represent ALL of us not just the portion who voted for the person. Stop creating divides and have a little pride in our country as a whole.

    • Lynn

      It’s gonna be just like when Clinton was in office and term. The republicans refused to work with him. Our country continues to be #@&% up/

  • not having it

    Are you all insane? Do you realize her intensions with the middle class, social security, student loans and education for our children and the loss of women’s rights? What does this woman have to offer middle class families?

    • Linda

      The Demos have a long history of not getting off their butts and voting midterm. The Demos got what they deserved for not voting.

  • ciscokid16

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ………”…\………. _.•´


  • Anne

    I am from the state of California I am proud of the people of Iowa for bringing their bread basket ideals to Washington. Please do not loose your ideals when you go to DC, we need your your voice to move this country in the right direction. Thank you you for your service to our great nation! People like you make me proud of my heritage!

  • RDM

    Harkin was a great Iowan and man of the people. If a vet or senior or disabled had a problem, Harkin was always there one on one to help. Harkin was a true friend many sought out for help, and Harkin delivered getting personally involved. Now, just wait and see if Ernst is such a true friend to Iowa? You will be sadly disillusioned. She now owes much to the Koch Brothers. And be assured they will demand payment. Bye Bye Iowa pie. Say hello to buyers remorse. And for those that voted for Ernst, you just sold away your child’s social security down the tubes. When they hope to retire one day, social security will be no more for them. And you have yourself to blame for that. Good luck Iowa people. You will surely need it now.

  • Clyde

    One can only hope Democrats can start reading and stop getting their information off commercials and comedy shows and start paying attention.
    I wish I could feel bad for Brailey, Hatch, Murphy, etc. but I can’t……. glad to see them go.
    Now for the rest of the Democrats…… Take your spanking like men.

  • Sam

    Oh Joni – Please make me squeal like a PIG….I can’t wait for you to do NOTHING just like your time in the Iowa Senate. Oh Joni, bring on 2016!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    this was more about braley losing, than ernst winning

    braley’s campaign just stunk of ‘i don’t have to answer to you, i’ve been anointed by harkin and clinton. what could *you* possibly have to tell me about your little concerns (like trade policy and immigration’s effect on wages)

    sure, ernst wont be good for the middle and working classes. but really, no worse than braley.

    good riddance, bruce, don’t forget to take your booze table with you

  • Hugo S LaVia

    Tea Party Koch whore.
    You don’t take $2, $3 million from people and not do as they tell you. The Koch’s own Iowa’s answer to Sarah Palin.
    God help us all.

  • Steve

    Congratulations Joni! We finally have a Republican woman with baIIs going to Washington to kick some Dumbacrat a$$$!

  • John Diamond

    Congratulations to the democrats, who received everything they deserved for the way they have run the Country the last 6 years. War on women and fake racism charges worked in the last election but the people have seen through the lies. Several African Americans and women elected on the GOP ticket. This election would have been even more of a democrat trouncing if the media had actually been reporting on dems for the last 6 years. Now that repubs are in charge I fully expect the media to find their voices once again.

  • Edward Williams

    Barrack Hussein Obama is the best thing that ever happened to republicans / Conservatives. And I love how libs try to say this is not about obozo. His policies were on every ballet as he even said. I guess Obozo is capable of telling the truth when he wants to.

  • ralph martin

    And i tell you what i really like her, she is a bad a55 and smart as a whip. And she has some logic to her. Congrats to her.

  • daveca

    Now to deal with the rabid Leftist welfare state mentality that Tom Will -Tax left behind.

    Ag is a big welfare machine, it has to be dealt with. Get the corruption out of artificially inflated land prices, artificially suppressed commodity prices and commodity manipulation so farmers can at least break even.

  • Ashley

    I’m happy to see more female participation in politics, but disappointed right now that many of them are Republican.

  • Charles

    Gee, this story failed to note her party affiliation. How weird is that? Could it be that 13 WHO is staffed by student interns? Maybe the computer keyboard this story was written on malfunctioned?
    Now to the Repugnantcons…both Mconnell and Boehner have issued conciliatory statements…no talk of any mandate to undo anything passed by their vicious, enemies, the Demonic-rats….it’s ‘can’t we all just get along now’……..unite and pass some legislation ‘for the good of the country. NO talk of any mandate for sweeping change….Their almost apologizing for winning…how soon until Boehner starts weeping over the plight of the other party?

  • n_slash_a

    So apparently the GOP’s “War on Women” really means that we elect them as our leaders. I guess it really depends on what your definition of “War on Women” is.

    • Jean

      I enjoy the fact that Ernst now has to represent everyone and not just the people who supported her during the campaign. She won’t be able to do all what her supporters want her to do.

  • Jean

    Love DM register’s editorial today states the elections were won by candidates selling their philosophy of government to voters who share their same philosophy. Now after the elections the victors must face the fact they now represent not just the like-minded who voted for them but those who did not. Branstad does give a darn, but Ernst and some of her believers are going to have a hard time dealing with this.

  • Don

    About time a common sense female Veteran farm girl was elected to the Senate from Iowa. I want to see more everyday working Americans in Washington, and fewer career politicians.

  • Ben

    Got news for you Ernst supporters she won’t and can’t be the image you all thought you voted for. She played one side to get attention and elected. The jokes on you!

  • NoPriusInTheLeftLane

    A note to the sore losers that stayed in hotels downtown- maybe if you weren’t so fake claiming you were for the common man while treating me rudely with contempt- I would have voted for you. Your minions are a reflection of you.

  • Alphonse Dee

    Hey, GOP Senators, how about making this woman, this Veteran, this good looker, the new Leader of the Senate? Think of what that would do to the Dems and the Media! Plus, you will have someone who really knows how to “trim” pork in DC.

  • Hmm...

    Mia Love(R)- First Black Republican Female to The U.S House of Reps
    Joni Ernst(R)- First Female Senator From Iowa, First Female Combat Vet in Congress
    Tim Scott(R)- First black candidate from SC to get elected to U.S Senate

    Surely, the democrats, the supposed sole champions of women and minorities are cheering in the streets because of these historical firsts! What a day!

  • Sharon Sumners

    Congratulations Joni, about time someone took down the Harkin and his party. You will be a great Senator, like Mia Love keep the big smile in place, great things and times ahead. We are so proud of you, you may be pretty but it’s brains and hard work and an unshakeable belief in America that took you to the top.

  • mickrussom

    Obama is a traitor. Obama runs a baby-Stalin dictatorial regime. Obama is an imperial president. Obama and his regime are the enemies within. Obama and his regime are the enemies of faith, freedom, family and liberty. Obama has bought our LEOs and Military with Pay and Pension with Printed Fake Federal Reserve Notes. LEOs and Military should note that those FRNs are paper, but our freedom costs much blood. We need to end thus regime and most of the government needs to be re-chained as the Constitution wanted. All of the acolytes of Alinsky, Cloward and Piven should be arrested and imprisoned for their sedition, for their treason, for their utter evil.

    Debt is Wealth. Ignorance is Strength. Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace. Cold is Warm.

    Disease Control = Open Borders. NEWSPEAK


  • Rick Oaksford

    Congratulations Iowa for sending a senator to DC that knows the value in this experience that is American. For many of us stuck with oath breakers, as you had in ones such as Harkin. Yet as we live in time of victory, there is yet time of trial, such as we will experience in our country. For the wreckers and those who would sow the federal plantations with voters that have been purchased with honest money from taxpayers. These are the unrepentant ones, who revel in the idolatry to their god donkey. Who see the unbeliever as less than human. So, perhaps that is why idolaters and the left are so cozy.

    • Roman

      Get over it. She said in her acceptance speech she represents us all now not just the people who supported her during the campaign.

  • TCast

    This comment thread is absolutely amazing! It really does give such intriguing insight into the Iowa populace. Most of the country regards this woman as an unintelligible whack-job, but Iowans are completely enamored by her folksy little down-to-earth mannerisms and tone. It is completely mind-blowing that this woman was elected to the United States Senate. Her remarks and comments regarding any number of political issues and common knowledge topics are completely jaw dropping. There were literally thousands of Americans standing around the water cooler today trying to figure out how this individual was elected to our Senate. I commend you Iowa! I commend you for not listening to a single word that this woman said, because if you did, there is no way that she would be headed to Washington!

  • tcast

    This comment thread is absolutely amazing! It really does give such intriguing insight into the Iowa populace. Most of the country regards this woman as an unintelligible whack-job, but Iowans are completely enamored by her folksy little down-to-earth mannerisms and tone. It is completely mind-blowing that this woman was elected to the United States Senate. Her remarks and comments regarding any number of political issues and common knowledge topics are completely jaw dropping. There were literally thousands of Americans standing around the water cooler today trying to figure out how this individual was elected to our Senate. I commend you Iowa! I commend you for not listening to a single word that this woman said, because if you did, there is no way that she would be headed to Washington!

  • Ro

    Joni Ernst will be held accountable on her acceptance speech that she now represents all people from Iowa not just the people who supported her during the campaign. She said it won’t matter if you’re democrat or republican. Joni was elected to abolish Obamacare, paid by big money supporters, she used them. Won’t happen cause the republicans know ACA is working. Corrupt political lies.

  • Jim Guilianelli

    sad day for Iowa that a reactionary and political anachronism is now senator – just hope her narrow-minded influence and that of the rest of these recently elected conservative repubs are effectively minimized

  • Hugo S LaVia

    Did The Iowa Electorate Know About Ernst’s Extreme Views?
    November 7, 2014 | Author Trish Nelson
    joni with gunIn my view there is functionally no such thing as a moderate Republican today. What I mean by that is, if it is a choice between a candidate that offers relatively sane policies, or a sure win with a Koch brothers funded, right wing crazy tea party candidate, the Republican “establishment” will go with the crazy tea party candidate because they value winning more than they value sane public policy.

    The extremist candidate cannot usually win however, by touting their extreme policy positions in front of the general public. They win by pretending to be moderate and lying about their positions on the issues. GWB’s 2000 presidential campaign seems to have faded from our collective memory. But I clearly remember Bush campaigned as a moderate (no nation building – nice, harmless guy you want to have a beer with – even Democrats were buying this) but the Bush administration obviously did not turn out to be one of moderation and they were certainly totally into nation building. Ronald Reagan presented himself as a moderate too, but here we are in a post-Reagan society where it is considered cool to say that you hate government (Reagan: “government is the problem”) and the Republicans are still trying to drown it in the bathtub as Grover Norquist said.

    Fast forward to Iowa, 2014. Joni Ernst also had to pass herself off to the voters as a moderate. She was told by her handlers to tone it down on the crazy talk about personhood, killing the EnvironmentalProtectionAgency, shooting up the government. I believe many Iowans who voted for her had no idea of her extremism, but just thought she was a nice lady who they assumed was qualified because she is a veteran and a state senator. They liked her because she seemed familiar, like any other typical Iowan. They reacted to the hog ads as cute and very Iowa (okay that part I won’t pretend to understand). When the Braley campaign had no choice but to point out her extremities, people became upset because they had already decided she was their friend, and the Braley camp was accused of negative campaigning. I don’t blame the Braley camp for bad strategy although maybe it was. But this is the kind of dilemma that the extremist liars and the complicit media create.

    Joni’s moderate facade almost went down the tubes at one point as the campaign progressed. Ernst had a terrible interview with the SCJ where she was politely asked about personhood and some other things and she told the truth about her positions for the most part (although she did already have a sound byte available to minimize the personhood thing which was, “don’t worry, it’s never going to happen.”). But all agreed that the interview still went badly, and after that the campaign wisely kept her away from the newspaper editorial boards.

    When they successfully kept her away from the newspaper editorial boards, particularly the Des Moines Register, with no consequence (although I give huge credit to Hillary Clinton for attempting to impose one) this was in my view when it was clear that they won the campaign. There was barely a peep in response to this clear f-you to the Iowa media and more importantly, to the citizens of Iowa, who deserved to know who she really is.

    Apparently the newspapers decided that the only thing they could do in response was to endorse Braley based on his policy ideas, his voting record in Congress and on Ernst’s extremist views – wrong for Iowa – which they should have done anyway. Not coincidentally, voters seemed unaware that she had even done that or perhaps they didn’t care because they had already made up their minds about who they thought she was.

    The polls before the election showed Braley clearly ahead with women and I didn’t see those numbers after the election but I believe women who were paying attention at that point were more likely to know where she actually stood on issues of importance to them). She kept saying in ads and on the campaign trail that she would always defend and protect women’s right to birth control, etc. We shall see, but her support of a personhood amendment and previous vote on that issue in the Iowa senate indicates otherwise.

    So Joni is no moderate. I think it is more than fair to say that the Iowa press overall, failed to point this out enough. They kept hammering on Braley’s one gaffe and the chicken nontroversy — it was the Dean scream all over again. In contrast, Ernst’s extremist views, being named in a sexual harassment suit, handing out lucrative contracts to her father’s business, in a clear conflict of interest, while county auditor, got mentions, but they were not hammered upon to say the least. By the time she made fools of all of them by telling them to f-off after they coddled her through the campaign, they seemed slightly offended but no one thinks they learned their lesson, anyway, I don’t.

    The following is an excerpt from an article in Salon about how the national press simply makes up a narrative that they like and then they repeat it over and over and that narrative never changes, it is locked in, impervious to facts. Gaffes made by opponents are pounced upon and exaggerated by the media because they fit the narrative. This year the chosen narrative was that the sane Republican “establishment” was taking back the party from the tea party crazies and they pointed to tea party candidates like Ernst as an example of a mainstream, moderate Republican — which of course, is completely the opposite of true.


    The GOP establishment decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Rather than allow the Tea Party to challenge them, they went out and found Tea Partyers to groom and train to win statewide office. They smoothed out the rough edges, gave them talking points that successfully covered their more extreme views and otherwise ran “personality” campaigns designed to make the press deaf to the whistles of the Tea Kettles.

    A Nexis search shows that the Post has had four references to Ernst and Agenda 21—all by Greg Sargent on his blog from the left, The Plum Line, and none on the news pages of the paper. But there have been dozens of references to Braley’s spat over the neighbor’s chickens, including a front-page story. The New York Times had zero references to Ernst and Agenda 21, but seven, including in a Gail Collins column, to Braley and chickens.

    As Ornstein makes clear, it wasn’t ideological bias that created this narrative, it was a desire among the press (likely pushed pretty hard by the GOP establishment) to write that the “grown-ups” were back in charge. But the truth is that the GOP grown-ups decided that the best way to keep the kids in line is to give them what they want. After all, all the GOP grown-ups really want is to beat the Democrats. If all it takes is a little charm school for Tea Partyers, it’s a small price to pay.

    The GOP did send a new “crown jewel” to the Senate this week but not for the reasons he thinks. They’ve realized the value of the Ted Cruz faction to their long-term plans and found some stealth Tea Partyers to join it. “Charisma” had nothing to do with it.

    (click here to read the entire article at

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