Home Bound Woman Lives in Bedbug Infested Apartment

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- A West Des Moines woman, who is home bound because of several health conditions, says she is being eaten alive by bedbugs. And she says her apartment complex is doing nothing to help.

"The night before last I had 15 bites. Last night I got eight new ones. Upper torso. Upper arms," Shirley Winslow says, "It's pathetic. I'm sleeping with the lights on. What little sleep I'm able to get."

Winslow knows her days are numbered. She has an inoperable brain tumor, diabetes, and a long list of other ailments. She wants her remaining time to be comfortable. But it isn't, she believes, because her place at Warren House Apartments is infested with bedbugs.  And she says, management is doing nothing to help.

"I have diabetes and I can't scratch them because if I open them they'll never heal. And run the risk of losing my extremities and I don't want to do that,"  she says "and I just want this to stop. and for me to call and say I got bitten so many times and what are you guys gonna do."

Management at Warren House Apartments refused to answer our questions. Winslow says she would like to move, but she believes her clothes and furniture are infested too, and she can’t afford to replace them.


    • Riverrunner

      I am not personally familiar with the Warren House Apartments, however online complaints about bed bugs date back a year or more. The infestation appears to be large and the management, if the online reviews are to be believed, is feckless. I hope this poor woman can find new accommodations. I also hope the new notoriety will spur the management to take effective measures against the pests.

  • unknown

    I know for a fact she didn’t bring them with her. She was moved to a new apartment and started getting bites all over her. She did go to the office and complain a lot and management didn’t care. it took the area supervisor to step in and what has happen since idk. Warren properties in west des moines iowa has gone way down hill in the last year I wouldn’t recommend anyone to live there at all. They only fix things half a**. Then its not even fixed right. Ask anyone that lives there its bad

    • Lil red ridin hood

      I know from personal experience the Terrace side is infested with bed bugs. and @ So Be It no she did not bring them with her. She has been a resident for a long time. And this is her first time ever complaining about bed bugs. The assistant manager and leasing agent that was there did everything they could to help bring it to the attention of management. But the manager is only there for a pay check. She doesn’t care about the tenants. There was a man that lived their who moved out do to the infestation in his apartment. This place needs to be shut down. Bed bugs, meth labs you name it!

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