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Photo Gallery: Democratic Headquarters

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Photos from the Hotel Fort Des Moines, where Democrats gathered to watch the results of the 2014 Midterm Elections. The night was emotional for many in attendance. Republicans beat out the Democrats in the Governor, U.S. Senate and U.S. House races.


    • Bill

      yes they do, but we dont know if they would have this time, because the modern democratic party is anything, but ‘nice guys’

      since at least 1992, they’ve been selling out the middle and working classes with the same trade and immigration policies as the republican parties

      and about every 8 years, the public throws out whatever party is in charge, because they’ve been screwed so bad by whichever fake party that’s in charge. the middle and working classes are like a mouse caught between 2 cat’s paws, one paw has a donkey shaped mark, the other, an elephant. but the mouse ends up in the same mouth, no matter what

  • Ben Dover

    LOL!!! This has always been a conservative state. This election proves it. The next presidential election will go to the Republicans as well after the absolute disaster of a presidency Obama has had….it’s a lock.

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