Madison County Benefits From Windfarm

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The City Park in Macksburg

The City Park in Macksburg

MACKSBURG, Iowa- Since 2013 MidAmerican Energy has been constructing a wind farm east of Macksburg.  So far 48 of 51 wind turbines are ready to go for a wind farm that will supply 119 megawatts of power.

The construction and operation of the wind farm has been a boost to the Madison County economy.  “It’s been wonderful for Madison County.  The rental housing market has been almost totally absorbed with workers,” said Tom Leners of Madison County Development Group.

 “We’ve had good hotel occupancy, restaurants health clubs, the local cafe here in Macksburg, it’s been positive all the way around,” said Leners.  Another benefit to the county is local quarries which provided the rock to help build the huge base underneath each tower.
“Significant increase percentage wise to the county’s tax base, said Leners. Two school districts plus the county will benefit from the tax on the wind farm, according to Leners.  MidAmerican also pays landowners a lease on the land they use, and some who live nearby the towers get what is called a “good-neighbor” payment as compensation for the spinning towers so close to some homes.
Leners said there had been no serious problems with the huge construction project moving into a small town.  The projects have gone so well, Leners said,”we’d take more too, I’ve been after them that we’d take more towers.”


  • Fred Pherlps (@FredPherlps)

    So, the tax payers subsidized the wind farm, the local economy got a temporary boost, which they probably spent like it will never end and start whining when it does, and the energy being produced is actually not benefiting Iowans much at all, in fact they manage the wind farms for maximum profit, not efficiency so there will never be an actual savings for the consumer, just layers of corporate welfare.

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