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AGRIBUSINESS: Iowa Elects Renewable Fuel Supporters

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Iowa's delegation to the one hundred 14th Congress has the approval of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association.  According to a survey of the candidates, support for the Renewable Fuel Standard and other biofuels issues is widespread, and across party lines.
Iowa RFA Executive Director Monte Shaw says there was only one exception, on the topic of whether or not the federal government should offer liability protection to self-service ethanol retailers.
"To me the responsibility of the retailer is to make sure they have good product in that tank and that the pump is clearly labeled, legally, properly labeled. And if they've done that, and someone puts it in the wrong tank, which almost never happens, but if they do, that retailer shouldn't be held liable." Hes says, "We think that providing that small exemption would help retailers feel more comfortable moving forward. All the candidates in the November elections marked "yes" they would be in favor of that, except for Representative Braley who was undecided."
In spite of confusing remarks on the campaign trail, Shaw says Republican Senator-elect Joni Ernst has a solid voting record in support of renewables, and expects the entire delegation to take an active stance in Washington.
Shaw says, "Personally, I think our board. The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association is comfortable that these people understand these issues and that they're prepared to roll up their sleeves and go fight for them, that's been our history. Whether it's the three that have been there before: Senator Grassley, Representative King, and Loebsack. Or whether it's the three new ones. These are people who have rolled up their sleeves and fought for these issues. And let's face it, this is central to Iowa."
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