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Dahl’s Files for Bankruptcy, Set to be Sold

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Dahl's grocery store. (WHO-HD)

Dahl’s grocery store. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa – One of the metro’s grocery chains has filed for bankruptcy and is to be sold to a Kansas City company.

Dahl’s Foods says it voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Sunday in order to restructure.

Stores and operations won’t be affected by the move, Dahl’s said Monday.

According to a press release, the company’s board has approved the sale of the company’s operating assets to Associated Wholesale Grocers.

Jerry Garland, president and CEO of the member-owned wholesale grocery cooperative serving over 3,000 stores nationwide, said Dahl’s stores will be upgraded and rebranded.

“Our intentions for entering into the agreement to purchase Dahl’s Foods are to provide an opportunity for a member of our cooperative to successfully enter the Des Moines grocery market, with some good locations, and to gain a strong and experienced workforce, which is already in the stores,” Garland said.

“We envision that once acquired…the stores will be remodeled and updated, and steps will be taken to build a new brand and identity for the Dahl’s stores, and ultimately the consumers of Des Moines can be provided with a better selection and value in locations which are familiar and staffed by friends and neighbors.”

The company, which was founded in 1931, recently closed stores in Ames, Ankeny and West Des Moines. It currently has 10 stores in operation in the metro.


  • casey

    it will probably be krogers since they have been a silent partner since the late 70`s. you can see the backward k on the kroger dahls emblem :)

    • Riverrunner

      According to news reports, the offer from Associated Wholesale Grocers is on behalf of one of its subsidiaries. If so, then it could be Price Chopper, Thriftway, IGA, CashSaver, Apple Market, Country Mart, or Sun Fresh. One trade publication suggested Price Chopper, since it is already established in Missouri and Kansas.

  • Sue

    No, much as I despise the man, I don’t think we can blame Obama for Dahl’s closing.
    I think you can blame 1) overpriced merchandise 2) dirty stores, and incompetent employees for the closing. We live in Ankeny. Very close to Dahl’s. I rarely went there. Produce was good, but, significantly more expensive than anywhere else in town, except maybe Target. I watched a cashier screw up 3 sells in a row, then, after mis-ringing my order and me needing to help her fix it, I had to bag my own groceries.

    Even though the store was pretty new, the cans were always dusty and quite often items were expired. I hate to see a business go out of business, but, I think they brought this one on themselves.

  • k

    The good thing is pricing, selection and merchandise freshness will now be addressed. The stores themselves are usually more enjoyable than Hy-Vee. Hy-vee just feels like a KMart for groceries to me.

  • Leah Linn Hoffman

    Dahl’s is too expensive, too many expired foods on the shelves that they can’t move because the prices are too high. I know a lot of Des Moines folks are personally sentimental about Dahl’s, but I’m not originally from Des Moines, and after trying it a couple of times I have no desire or need to go back. I’m a Fareway shopper. No frills. That’s how I like my grocery stores. How can Fareway keep its prices so low and Dahl’s can’t?

  • Rebecca Hergert

    There is just way too much competition out there in grocery/retail.
    I see Hy-Vee management/employee’s/past employee’s coming into Walmart shopping.
    Even a Hy-Vee employee said to me last week. ‘Hy-Vee hasn’t been busy’!!
    You can eat cheap out there! And it isn’t gonna be at Hy-Vee or Dahl’s!!

  • Clyde

    Used to stop at Dahl’s cash my check and spend $ 150 a week in groceries there. Had a crack in my license and this girl told me she wouldn’t take it anymore. Reason: because she said I needed a new one last time. It was two months from expiring. Manager sided with her. It wasn’t because they didn’t know me by then. No problem. Hy Vee didn’t have a problem and I haven’t been in a Dahls door since.
    Moral of the story: Hire kiddies with a cute face, let them treat your customers like criminals. Make a scene about a cracked drivers license. They won’t come back and you still won’t get a date.

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