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Des Moines Police Investigate 5-Year-Old’s Death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Des Moines police are investigating the death of a little girl, and they say charges could be filed in the case.

Jayda Canada died just one week after her fifth birthday. Family members called paramedics to  her mother's apartment on Second Avenue in Des Moines on October 7. Police immediately responded when the call came out that a child so young was in cardiac arrest.

"Cardiac arrest of an 80-year old , you wouldn't send police on that typically. Cardiac arrest of a five-year-old, we usually do send them with medics," says Des Moines Police Sergeant Jason Halifax.

Jayda's autopsy report has been sealed by law enforcement. A toxicology report, which would indicate whether there were any drugs in her system is complete, but police are not releasing the results.

"That can be used later on to determine number one, cause of death; number two, if criminal charges are warranted in this case. And we're in that phase right now," Halifax says.

Police say Jayda's mother, Tionne Bloodsaw, and her boyfriend, Deshaun Lonte Trombone, were present at the time of Jayda's death. According to a search warrant we obtained, "Trombone was uncooperative, did not want to provide his personal information and did not want to comply with commands."

That's not surprising. Trombone is on the Des Moines Police Department's most wanted list.  He faces 16-counts of violation of a no contact order. He has also been arrested several times on drug charges.

According to the search warrant, drugs were found in the apartment including marijuana, a baggie with cocaine, pill tablets including morphine, a working digital scale, razor blade, and glass plate with cocaine residue, eight counterfeit $100 bills, and three baggies containing 81 ecstasy tablets.

Police say aren't sure yet whether the drugs found in the apartment played a role in Jayda's death, but Halifax says,  "This child had no trauma to her body. No cuts, scrapes, stabs, choke, nothing like that at all. And no medical condition. Five-year-olds don't just die."

We went to Bloodsaw's apartment but no one answered the door.  Police say her other daughter was taken out of the home by the Department of Human Services.


  • hansonjames3

    this is very sad. He should be man and know what he has caused by his drugs and lifestye. it killed a innocent child. both of them should pay for this. His woman the “MOM” what ever should really be held accountable.

  • Holla

    “Police say Jayda’s mother, Tionne Bloodsaw, and her boyfriend, Deshaun Lonte Trombone, were present at the time of Jayda’s death. According to a search warrant we obtained, “Trombone was uncooperative, did not want to provide his personal information and did not want to comply with commands.”

    That’s not surprising. ”

    You’re right. It NEVER is

  • Sue

    Gee, Fred, I didn’t realize we knew each other.
    I have no problem with ‘people of color’, or any other minority.
    I do have a problem with a person who would allow drugs and drug dealers around her small child. MAYBE none of that had anything to do with the child’s death, but, even so, it certainly doesn’t seem like a good place to raise a child. It is sad when a person has to choose between illegal drugs and taking good care of their children and the drugs win…..regardless of the skin color.
    And, by the way, I never watch the videos for these stories, so I could not have told you what any of the people in this story looked like – or what their skin color was.
    And why do you say I am a hypocrite? What exactly is it that you think I do that I criticize others for? I married my ‘baby daddy’, BEFORE we had kids, having kids was a decision we made. I realize not everyone chooses to get married to have a family. There are no illegal drugs in my house, nor have their ever been. I would not knowingly allow a drug dealer into my home, or to have contact with my children. Again, what have I done that was hypocritical?? Judy said that the child’s father was very involved in this child’s life. that means there are TWO parents who didn’t care that she was being exposed to illegal drugs and the types of people that drug dealers have a tendency to hang out with.

    • Michelle

      So Sue maybe you shouldn’t comment if you don’t know the whole story. Ever heard the phrase “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool then to open it and prove it”.

  • Sue

    Well, I hope you are all correct.
    I hope this little girl had absolutely wonderful parents that loved her and treated her like a princess for her incredibly short life.
    I hope she wasn’t exposed to the drugs or rougher side of drug dealing.
    I hope there was something natural that caused her a quick, painless, fearless death.
    I apologize for my offensive knee jerk reaction.
    You do have to admit, reading the article, without knowing any of those involved, it doesn’t exactly paint a very good picture of the family when the boyfriend is on the most wanted list and the house contains a significant amount of drugs.

  • Sue

    Well, Fed Up, you are right, I read a news article and formed opinions based off of the things that were reported there without knowing the people involved. Sort of like Fred read my comments and decided I was a racist without knowing anything about me.
    I have apologized for my uninformed comments. I did try to explain how the article would give people the impression that perhaps this little girl didn’t have the most attentive parents.
    I guess you are simply too small of a person to accept when someone else makes a mistake and admits it.

    • MikeReads

      REALLY? I young child is dead! As parents, (and I have children and grand children of my own) we are responsible for their lives. If it is proven drugs are involved, throw them both in jail and throw away the key!!! I am a bit with Sue here. If the boyfriend or whatever is on Des Moines Most Wanted list, he is no a solid role model and I wouldn’t want him around my children. Race isn’t supposed to play a part in this but there seems to be some acceptance that any comment that is disparaging is racist IF certain groups of people are involved. FORGET IT!! As portrayed in this article, the parents have A LOT of questions to answer!! ILLEGAL drugs were found in the home!! Without more solid information and only this article, I would agree the parents are poor examples. Unfortunately, EVERYONE will have to live with the fact that a young life is gone and we will never know what she may have done to help the world. THAT is the TRAGEDY here!!

  • MadMom

    I find it interesting that according to the PCJ online records…. neither adult was ever arrested after all of the drugs were found in the house and being a ‘wanted person’. How does that happen?

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