Lead Dust Found in State Building

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Wallace BuildingDES MOINES, Iowa — Lead dust has been found in a state building where nearly 500 employees work.

According to the Des Moines Register, the first and second floors of the Wallace Building in downtown Des Moines tested positive for the potentially dangerous dust.

About 495 state employees work in the building.

The tests were run by the Department of Natural Resources.

If inhaled or ingested lead can cause damage to a person’s nervous system, kidneys, blood forming organs and reproductive systems.

State officials say the employees’ health is not in immediate danger though.


  • Tim

    the management of the building has always been a disaster

    for years, it had ‘sick building syndrome’, then finally, they realized the problems came from a lab in the building …’DOH!

    and government wonders why we dont want them running more of our lives

  • Speaks the Truth

    The DCI Laboratory had a firearms test firing range on the second floor. The detected lead is probably from this location.

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