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Man Claims Racial Motive Behind Stolen Plaque at Gray’s Lake

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gray's lake plaque

DES MOINES, Iowa — A plaque has been stolen from the pedestrian bridge at Gray’s Lake and the person who purchased the plaque believes it was taken down for racist reasons.

The inner rail of the bridge is lined with 3,000 plaques with most memorializing loved ones.

But one that honors Trevon Martin is missing.

The African American teen was shot to death in Florida by a neighborhood watch coordinator.

The man who bought the plaque, Greg Wilcox of Des Moines, believes the city should replace it.

“My message means a lot to me. As much as the other 2,999 who put a message up. And I want it to stay up,” Wilcox said.

But Des Moines Parks and Recreation say replacements aren’t in the budget.

“We don’t have the financial resources to replace any of the plaques ourselves, Jen Fletcher said. “It’s the understanding that it’s one and done and so it’s regrettable.”

The city originally sold the plaques for $100 each to raise money to maintain grays lake park, but is offering Wilcox a discount of $60 to replace the plaque.


  • Brutally Honest

    Why is there a plaque honoring a thug? I do not agree that this plaque should be hanging there anyway, what, is there going to be a remember Michael Brown one next? How about honring real people if you are going to purchase a random plaque (meaning not a friend or family member) to be placed there.

    • Not a Racist

      I like how in instantly goes to racism or bigotry. Maybe it is the fact that he is not Americas son. I don’t agree with the plaque being removed, but I really dislike the instant tag or racism. This was supposed to be for memorials of a loved one or a friend, not a place to hang your political views. If you want to do that put it in your yard not on a public bridge.

  • Sue

    I don’t consider myself a racist, but, as an American, I certainly DO NOT consider travyon my son! he was a thug. did he deserve to die, wasn’t there, can’t say for sure.
    And why would you expect the city to pay for a new plaque? Since when does the city pay for vandalism?

  • junior

    why don’t ya’ll google vinita hegwood’s of duncanville, h.s. in texas….. in her ‘tweet’……. and see what she has to say…….btw, she’s a teacher

  • Sue

    is it just me or is it strange that not only did this guy buy a plaque in memory of trayvon, he took a photo of it? Is he related somehow?

  • tom sullivan

    who 13 playing right into the liberal one sided media…getting as bad as the national level… showing little innocent travon’s 8th grade picture ??? oh what a shame…. puke.and makes me the real travon ….liberal cowards

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