Poll: What do you think about the Keystone Pipeline?

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  • Fred Pherlps (@FredPherlps)

    Here’s a thought, let all the people who want it built put up a cash bond against any damages. And the execs forfeit their lives and that of their families.

    After all they claim it’s perfectly safe, they should have no problems agreeing to such terms.

    • GetReal

      And it just so happens that Warren Buffett(Baffoon) is the biggest benefactor if this project doesn’t go through. His company has the rails to transport the oil, grain, etc.. And you thought he was your friend by volunteering to pay more in taxes…HA.HA. HA..Pipeline far safer and environment friendly in the end.

      • John Smith

        Perhaps you would care to name all the Keystone pipelines that DIDN’t have a leak over the last year or two. Then, let us all know how running Canadian sludge cross-country helps the US. Oh, and, while your at it, perhaps you could show the data on all the under-utilized refining capacity in Texas. Since, it seems to me, that when any one of them closes for a week for routine maintenance and painting, the price of gas goes up around a dime at the pumps.

    • SteveParker

      John Smith….It’s time to build the Keystone Pipeline, the people want it to be built. May I suggest that 6 years of obfuscation, lies, deceit by the faux environmentalist and jug head progressive left, has worn thin. If you’re against the project for ideological reasons, just post your commentary. Your disingenuous posts are so transparent that the DNC has given up on those faux arguments. Try telling the truth, it usually works better than hyperbolic rhetoric.

      • John Smith

        Yeah, Steve, “people” want the pipeline to be built. Unfortunately, not many of those “people” want it to be built in Canada where this toxic sludge exists. Hence, the owners of the sludge have no easy way to market it to the highest bidder.

        Well, Steve, I can tell you enjoy the taste of Koch, but the rest of us would like to know just what it is that the US stands to get out of the deal. Because, so far, it is exactly nothing, excepting maybe a third shift at a couple of Texas oil refineries. BFD.

    • SteveParker

      Fred when you woke up this morning, was your main goal, to post the most idiotic commentary on the Keystone Pipeline? Just curious.

  • RDM

    Oil gonna get there one way or another. Either by rail, boat or pipe. Pipe is the least dangerous, all are dangerous but pipe the least. But I’ll miss those 5 mile long railroad snakes going thru downtown.

  • John

    most people haven’t done the research for an intelligent choice and the media isn’t helping. Most of the keystone pipeline already exists between Alberta, Oklahoma, and Illinois, the controversy in part is a second line that would form a hypotenuse in relation to the existing, functioning pipeline. This second route goes through the Sandhills of Nebraska which is a vast area of stabilized dunes. Once the vegetation is disturbed, it takes a longgggg time to re stabilize it… Once the dunes start moving, they will not stop in our lifetimes.
    Oil will not sit on the surface as it would on Iowa clays, it will go straight to the aquifier, an attempted recovery will destabilize a larger area.
    A crack or bullet hole (rednecks can be idiots) will leak for a long time in the remote areas before it is detected, a 1000 gal a day (1/2 cup per minute) leak over a month would be 30,000 gallons of oil soaking directly into the ground.
    The Keystone proposal is the epitome of cutting corners if you look at a map (use wikipedia) and it is unneeded.
    Maybe the lessons of Katrina didn’t sink in, but maybe coastal refineries are more in danger than one in North Dakota, or Eastern Nebraska near the existing pipeline would be – and think of the economic development.
    Think before you speak, or at least google the issue to find out some facts.

      • John Smith

        Oh, goody, then the leaking sludge can be six feet closer to the water supply! What an improvement!

        Of course, you have NOTHING to back you up that says Keystone intends to bury their sludgeline. At all.

        You evidently got the “redneck” part correct, though.

      • Not believin the global warming CRAPOLA

        Last I knew, John, Oil and water do not mix. In fact, grade school science says, they separate themselves pretty effectively. Go hug a tree.

      • John Smith

        Oh, good then, Crapola, we’ll put any clean ups on your Visa, then. Since it will be so easy and cheap and all.

  • bob

    why is it that Obama goes against almost every bill key issue that most americans want or don’t want. ex. obamacare, keystone pipeline, immigration an a host of others.?

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