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Present Versus Past: Culver Defends Himself Against Governor

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culver_chetDES MOINES, Iowa — Former Iowa Governor Chet Culver said he isn’t bothered by frequent criticism from Governor Terry Branstad that he left the state in bad shape. Culver, who served one term as governor from 2007-2011, confirmed to Channel 13 that he is now considering a run for Congress. Culver’s father John, served as a U.S. Senator from 1975-1981.

During the 2010 race for governor, the campaign of Branstad, at that time a former four-time governor, repeatedly referred to Culver as “Big Debt Chet” and criticized him for overspending, giving state union workers too large a raise without negotiations and implementing an ill-advised 10% across-the-board program cut to deal with a budget shortfall. ┬áBranstad beat Culver by 10 points.

“I think Iowans know the truth,” Culver said, pointing out that the state was ranked the third-best managed state during his time in office. Culver said he was able to help raise the minimum wage, aid the state’s flood recovery efforts, as well as expand preschool access to 4-year-olds.

Watch Culver talk about what it’s like to watch an election from his couch for the first time in years.

Here is Culver pushing back at criticism for how he ran the state as governor.

Culver also confirmed his interest in running for Congress.

This is the one thing should be the main priority for Congress these days, according to Culver.

The pipeline, another governor’s pardon and whether it’s too soon for Christmas music are part of Culver’s Quick 6, plus he offered a prediction for the current governor.



  • This is a REPUBLIC..with a CONSTITUTION !!

    Hey Chet, don’t bother..we’re dealing with enough of the “mess” you helped to create.. go away

  • Mike Cee

    Nothing like dragging the worst politician in Iowa history back into the limelight. Chet-do Iowa a favor and fade back into obscurity. Iowa spoke and sent you packing years ago. There is no reason to think that our memories of your incompetence in office will fade-we well remember the mess you made of Iowa’s finances and Iowans will never make the mistake of electing you to anything again. Ever.

  • Matthew

    He’s a blatant liar and should crawl back into the hole he’s been hiding in all these years. Hey Chet, where were you when you said you had our backs during all the touchplay mess? Thanks for fielding our phone calls and emails you hypocrite!!! Glad we helped fund your campaign…what a joke!!

  • Brutally Honest

    “Culver said he was able to help raise the minimum wage”, really??? Pretty sure the minimum wage law was set federally not by the state. Big Debt Chet had nothing to do with a minimum wage increase. The only wage increase he was responsible for was for the unionized state workers that probably didnt need a raise anyway.

  • Mark

    Chet was a mess! He left the State in a heap of debt and the infrastructure in shambles, not to mention the across the board cuts in education. So now he’s trying to get on the minimum wage bandwagon as his vote getter. That’s all it is, a “vote getter”. It is another program the ramification of which he hasn’t thought through. That’s typical. By the way, what is Culver doing these days to make a living?

  • The Phantom

    Remember the Sweaty fat Chet in the flight jacket. classic. I think the fat man is working for the casino / gambling interests in the state. Lord knows he worked for them while he was in office.

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