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THE INSIDERS Nov. 16th Edition: Chet Culver

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Former Vermont Governor and 2004 Presidential candidate Howard Dean blamed Democratic candidates for not standing for anything before the 2014 election, and that's why he believes they fared so poorly.  Former Iowa Governor Chet Culver joins Channel 13's Dave Price on The Insiders, and we hear if he agrees with Dean.

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  • Mike Cee

    The voters knew exactly where the democrats stood on the issues and that’s why they were so soundly beaten in the last election. Once again, people like Chet Culver simply don’t get it-the big government, financially irresponsible socialist policies and programs embraced by him and his ilk were the issue, and they were soundly defeated by the majority of voters.

    I’m not sure how or why someone who nearly bankrupted the state, and when kicked out by the voters left things in financial shambles, should ever be given an ounce of credibility.

  • Anita Fix

    The republicans won by DEFALT! Only 39% voted. It’s not that people agree with the republicans ,it’s like why bother, nothing is ever going to get done except ask for money from the voters. It’s all a JOKE, a GAME to them . If it were a REAL job they would all be fired! I’m sick of it. Who ever legalizes pot gets my vote from now on. So I can get stoned and pretend that we live in a world where people WANT to work together and make life better for EVERYONE! Other than that who cares now that our Government is owned by big business, it’s over for the rest of us.

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