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Bob Vander Plaats Spends Three Minutes in the Chair

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- When politics and religion collide in Iowa the man spending Three Minutes in the Chair this week is often there.

Bob Vander Plaats’ organization, The Family Leader, is celebrating Republican success in the midterm election.

But what are his plans now? Channel 13’s Dan Winters found out.

The annual 'Celebrate the Family' fundraising dinner with Dr. Ben Carson is this Saturday from 6-8 p.m. to 8:00 at the Des Moines Airport Holiday Inn.


  • Dave Waters

    Why does WHO 13 give this guy any credibility? His extreme ideology just pulls the conservative party further to the right. He doesn’t even represent a fraction of the republicans I know. Iowan’s are much too intelligent for his hateful message. You disappoint me that you give this guy a platform.

  • John Smith

    You know, for a guy that has never even won the NOMINATION for any elected office that I know of, the traditional media in this state sure gives him a lot of time on the air and words in print. And, as far as I know, most of his “funding” (paycheck) doesn’t even originate in Iowa.

    Other than convincing the gullible to boot three perfectly good ISSC justices, what has Bob Vander Plaats DONE, exactly? Made Governor Branstad look good by comparison?

    • John Smith

      To clarify, I know Bob Vander Plaats rand for Lieutenant Governor one time, but I don’t consider that to be a “nomination” so much as it is a selection by the Gubernatorial candidate.

  • Get Realistic

    I guess the democrats don’t have anyone in there party that far left, do they………. Here’s a few odd balls:

    Wright, Sharpton, Jackson, Bloomberg, Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Conyers, Rangel, Wasserman-Schultz, Reed, Pelosi, Feinstein, Nope not a single person associated with the Democratic party, not a ”

    How about the most ultra liberal representatives in congress: Schatz, Schumer, Murphy, Hirono, Mikulski, Gillibrand, Franken, Cardin, Cantwell, Blumenthal, Bladwin, Menendez, Stabenow, Reed, Brown, Chu, Ellison, Edwards, Farr, Honda, Huffman, Schakowsky, Cohen, Lowenthal, McGovern, Pocan, Sanchez, Welch, Hastings, Serrano……..

    Hmm, see the patern?

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