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Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency in Ferguson

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Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency Monday ahead of an expected grand jury decision in the case of Michael Brown.

In his executive order, Nixon cited the “possibility of expanded unrest.” He said that people have the right to protest peacefully but that citizens and businesses must be protected from violence and damage.

Brown, a black teen, was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, on August 9. The grand jury is weighing whether to indict Wilson.

“In the days immediately following Michael Brown’s death, peaceful protests were marred by senseless acts of violence and destruction,” the governor said last week.

“That ugliness was not representative of Missouri, and it cannot be repeated,” said Nixon.

The state of emergency will expire in 30 days unless extended by another order.


  • John Smith

    Ah, now we have “preemptive” states of Emergency. Guess that goes well with preemptive House Arrests of people with no diseases. And, preemptive occupations of countries who haven’t attacked us.

    Wow. When did we turn into a nation of flaming cowards?

    • Matthew

      And don’t have any obligations, like a job, so they have all the free time to protest and riot and cause problems while living off of the hard working tax payer. It’s not that I’m not sympathetic but get over it and do something positive to channel your anger!!

  • Clyde

    you never know….. beats the lottery, you may be the first one to get a free tv. I don’t think they care much either way what happens but it sure beats paying for stuff.

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