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Bullet Misses Teen’s Head by Inches During Shooting Spree

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PLEASANT HILL, Iowa -- We now know the name of the gunman who, police say, fired at three people in Pleasant Hill early Monday morning,  injuring two of them.

Monday evening authorities charged 32-year-old Pete Polson with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of willful injury,  intimidation with a dangerous weapon, and possession of weapon as a felon.  He is in the Polk County Jail on an $85,000 bond.

Pete-PolsonPolice say Polson's shooting spree began around 6:30 Monday morning in front of a house on Ridgewood Drive.  Authorities say Polson opened fire on the house seriously injuring one man.  Then four minutes later,  he went after a second person on Benjamin Boulevard.  Police say the victim was working on his truck when he was shot.  Finally, Polson went to Fountain Crest Drive just before 6:45 and shot at another man.  That victim was able to take cover behind his truck.  He was then able to give police a description of the shooter and his SUV.

The two victims who were shot are being treated at the hospital.   We know one has serious internal injuries.  But the situation could have been a lot worse.   During the third shooting, two teenagers were missed by just inches.

Luke Stephens is one of those teens.  "The one that came through the house I could hear that. It went like right over my head," Stephens says, pointing to the bullet hole in the wall of his home.

Stephens is remarkably calm, considering a bullet missed his head by just inches Monday morning. Luke's dad had just dropped off the teen's book bag when police say Pete Polson pulled up.  Luke's mother, Mary Fitch, says the teen's father was walking back to his truck when he first saw Polson.

"He went back out after dropping off the bag into the house to Luke and he went back out and kinda waved at this SUV, you know, he thought it was just someone just giving me a ride to work."  But it wasn't. Fitch says that's when Polson opened fire.   Luke's dad took cover, but several bullets hit the house, including the one that went through the wall just missing Luke and his 16-year-old sister.

Police tell us Polson was recently kicked out of his parents house, about three blocks away. We went to a home owned by Pete H. Polson, but no one answered the door.

Luke's mother is glad no one was killed. But she believes Polson should be locked up for a long, long time.  "Just scared. Scared for my kids. Because they were gonna go to school today. That was the plan. We thought they'd be safe at school and they're not even safe in their own driveway," Fitch says,  "I think he should be locked up. I mean who in their right mind would do that to innocent people? I mean it's scary."

Police say Polson does not appear to know any of the victims, and all three shootings appear to be completely random.


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