City Withholding Contractor’s Payment Over Delayed Bridge Opening

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Grand Avenue Bridge (WHO-HD)

Grand Avenue Bridge (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — The company that rebuilt the Grand Avenue bridge is fighting to get money it says it is owed.

Jenco Construction finished work on the bridge last December, nearly three months late.

Its contract with the city of Des Moines stated the company would be penalized $5,000 per day for delays. Based on the delayed opening, Jenco could have been penalized up to $470,000.

The city is now withholding $350,000 in liquidated damages.

If Jenco appeals the city’s decision the process could take several more months.

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  • Sue

    they are NOT ‘owed’ that money!! they did not fulfill their contract! If I don’t fulfill my contract with my employer, I lose my job. those businesses in that area lost a lot of money while that bridge was out. if the company couldn’t do the work, they should not have taken the contract. I’m sure someone will point out some extenuating circumstances that were out of the firm’s control, like weather. Those were probably out of the city’s control too so why should they pay for it any more then the firm?

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