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Suicide Prompts Short Lockdown at Wells Fargo

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An employee suicide prompted a lockdown at Wells Fargo in West Des Moines. (WHO-HD)


WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — A West Des Moines business was locked down Tuesday for a short time, after an employee committed suicide on property.

According to the Des Moines Register the Wells Fargo campus at 7000 Vista Drive was locked down after an employee died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Wells Fargo released a statement offering condolences about the death and saying team members will be offered counseling.


    • Sylvia

      No, ma’am. One never gets used to this. Having experienced some traumatic incidences in my lifetime, I have never gotten used to it. May there be some semblance of peace for the employees.

    • Ann

      It is not everyday day that someone goes to work and commits suicide. Why should everyone be use to this? If anything people should be more aware how there words and actions may effect others.

  • Mike

    I have two questions from the comments:
    1) how do you people lump a suicide in the same category as someone going on a killing spree?
    2) someone just committed suicide and all you can do is complain about “be[ing] used to this” or CEO’s abusing labor? Things which have NOTHING to do with what’s being reported here. There’s a whole lotta stupid in this world.

    Suicide is tragic, no matter the circumstances. I’m sure this person had friends and loved ones that cared, I wish them luck as they mourn.

    • Deb

      Very well said Mike!! This young man had many friends and loved ones. It is a very sad time. Who knows exactly why he did it at this location. Leave the politics out of this tragedy. What needs to be said that there is a young man who is now gone that obviously didn’t get the proper help that he needed. People need to be more aware of people around them, listen, ask questions if things don’t seem right, be there, offer support. I only pray that he found the peace that he so desperately wanted/needed. God bless him and his family during this very sad time.

      • Deb

        Maybe your statement is true to your belief system. But this wasn’t about someone going on a shooting spree. It was about a young man committing suicide. I didn’t read anything about the lock down making special arrangements foe CEO’s. Get on the right page here. It wasn’t and I repeat WASN’T a shooting spree.

  • William Thompson

    The poor guy had just been laid off. I am told WF does lay-offs this time of year to make themselves look more profitable to shareholders and investors. The employees are given a 2 month notice with 4 months severance after the actual termination date. Then the employee is usually hired back after the new year. This has been going on for years at WF. I can’t imagine working or giving loyalty to any company who treats their employees like this. How can you plan ahead or start a family or take time off if you constantly worry you might be laid-off soon? In my opinion, I think WF needs a better strategy with their HR department. I will have a very difficult time patronizing WF businesses going forward after knowing this how they treat their employees.

    • Janedoe12345

      You have some of it right William….when Wells does mass layoffs they might do a severance but the amount is 100% dependent upon length of employment. They will hire back managers, but regular employees only get hired back if they are favorites…other will be rehired at a lower pay. But if they just let you go in an at will state, no severance.I had one coworker who got one mo of severance, and a manager who got 16 months! then the manager was rehired, but not the lower paid employee. Wells treats teammembers awful. How do I know this (an d many many other things) you ask? Because I worked for Wells for 10 years, and after contemplating and planning my own suicide…to be done on wells fargo property, I recognized that I had to walk away, and I did. No one can ever sustain the sales goals they set…they are terrible!

      • Molly

        I left wells because I developed panic disorder from working there. I was harassed by my manager, HR wouldn’t return my calls. After just a week of temporary disability, my blood pressure dropped 40 points! My doctor would not release me to return to the harassment, so I had to quit on his advice. People left my office in an ambulance with chest pain, on average, one time per week. I feel for this person and his family. Who knows… if I’d stayed, would it have been me? We aren’t always born with mental illness. Even as they were removing his body from the scene, employees were working. How sensitive…

      • Falches

        “…and after contemplating and planning my own suicideā€¦to be done on wells fargo property, I recognized that I had to walk away…”

        I was in a very similar shape. I was starting to plan my own suicide on company property. I was in HARP refinances and walked out. Life has been happier without that place using me up.

        BTW everyone, people don’t kill themselves at work because of the problems they have at home. Maybe some things at home weren’t going great for this guy, but he most definitely decided to kill himself at work for a reason.

      • Jerm

        I am actually in this situation right now. I decided that it has to happen at the WF branch because they are responsible. My whole team is seeing counseling or taking drugs to cope. WF is evil.

    • Hugo S LaVia

      In addition to your thoughts, the local TV stations just LOVE to go out and shoot video of people lined up waiting to apply at WF — but where those TV stations when it comes time to report the other end of this well-known employment practice?

      PS: Does this building still have the room on first floor where they take people who are being let go to break the news? With the cameras, and the panic button under the deck?

  • Deb

    Very sad. Prayers to the family and friends. Hoping that no one would let their job determine whether they live or die. So very sad.

  • jeffrey

    I have to speak this is sad this happen hearts and prayer to the families wells fargo is a very bad place sounds like to work sorry for the family the family if you read my post i would sue wells fargo for the loss of your son sorry again wells fargo go to hell you are killing people stop it!

  • Kristie

    I think it is very sad that people use social media and internet to speak out in such an ignorant way, without fact or full understanding. For those of you who seem to know it all, you should be ashamed of yourselves for disrespecting this young man and is family in this way. You don’t know why he choose to take his own life, you don’t know what was going on in his life, you don’t know that he was seeking help or that Wells Fargo was supporting him in many different ways, you simply don’t have the facts. He and his family don’t deserve to see this type of selfish display of rudeness. What should be said is prayers for this man’s family, friends and co workers along with the witnesses to this tradegy. Ask for God’s strength and love to help those left behind.
    I don’t know the specific details but my heart breaks for sadness of any life being taken too soon. I am a proud member of the Wells Fargo family of employees, this company has employed a number of my family members,friends and peers for over 18 years. They have support my family through death, illness, adoption and career changes. They have provided education, benefits, career planning, counseling and many other type of support.
    I hope that before people would jump to ugliness, unfounded judgement or crude attacks they would just simply show compassion, respect and prayer for this young man and his family instead of making this tradegy about themselves, accusations or a band wagon of hatred.

  • Falches

    I used to work for Wells Fargo in Des Moines until I started fantasizing about killing myself in a similar manner at work to try and make a dramatic statement about how to not treat people. I quit before I reached that point obviously

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