Dr. Carson Movement Gains Momentum Across State

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DES MOINES, Iowa - His name is growing in popularity across the country and across the state and on Saturday Dr. Ben Carson was back in Des Moines for the second time since August. He spoke tonight at the “Celebrate the Family” dinner event hosted by The Family Leader.

The retired neuro surgeon confirms he's thinking about running for president in 2016 but didn’t go into detail during his speech. Carson spoke for 45 minutes on several issues; faith and government, health and education. He says, “Really the thing that is going to save America, is going to be the people, the faith, the people with principles and the people who are willing to stand up for what they believe in.” He also stressed to the crowd, why he is not politically correct saying “muzzling what people say is un-American.”

Among the crowd of supporters, the “National Draft Ben Carson Committee” was petitioning. The committee has collected more than 400,000 names of people who are encouraging Carson to run for president. Carson is already becoming well-known because of a bestselling book but the draft Carson movement is helping spreading that awareness.

“We've had people come out of the woodwork wanting to help. We have over 130 people who have signed on in all 99 counties to be precinct chairs and county chairs for the draft Ben Carson movement,” says state co – chair, Christie Taylor.

Officials say there were more than 750 supports at the event.



  • John Smith

    Wow, imagine that: The radical right-winger foamer is a hit with the Bob Vander Plaats crowd!

    That there’s some breaking news, all right!

  • Sandy

    Ben Carson is quoted as saying Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery. Dr. Christie Taylor, a physician at Iowa Clinic, a supporter on this clip, continues to be obsessed with destroying the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). These two are a match made in heaven. How sad their political views and power came before the healthcare of patients who could not get coverage before. Now because of the ACA no one can be denied coverage due to their pre-existing condition.

    • Tiffinay Compiano

      You are correct Sandy. Pre existing conditions are now being covered. How many cases do you think there are? Enough to warrant getting rid of healthcare for 30,000 Wal-Mart employees who have also lost wages due to Obamacare. Dr. Ben Carson has a plan, will stick to it & will execute it as the next President of the United States.

  • John Smith

    Just for grins, I went and looked at the last Carson press release WHO transcribed for him, back in August. It, too, should have been headlined “Dog Bites Man!” Or, at the very least, “Ex-Surgeon Preaches to Wingnut Choir!”

    Know what it takes for radicals to become political candidates? First and foremost, a willing corporate traditional media that pretends that each and every opinion on an issue is equally valid.

    Though I will admit, Ms. Whitworth, if the attendance figures in your story are correct, Dr. Carson was a better draw than Jodi Ernst and Sarah Palin, and Jodi Ernst and Mitt Romney. Combined. But, based on the story as presented, I have no reason to believe the attendance figures are accurate.

    • Fed UP

      I was there, believe it. But of course, you’d rather believe otherwise. Figures. Your name appears a lot to denegate anyone who doesn’t conform to your views.

      • John Smith

        Yes, FED UP, I am already aware of the fact that you aren’t real adept at comprehending what you read.

        But, I certainly appreciate the consistent irony of your remarks.

      • Mary

        Someone “who does not conform to your views”? Come on now. You were there, were you? The conservative party wants people to reform to their way which they believe is God’s way.

  • Tom

    Republicans are working on covering their bases for a President, a minority, one who brags about how deep their faith is and a doctor who says he hates the ACA.

  • Clyde

    I don’t see why his opinion is called radical right winged……. etc. Do radical left wingers exist?
    I like the part about the Affordable care act that gives the preexisting deal in it…. Other than that it’s a load of trash…. It will be un affordable.

    But this guy isn’t your enemy. Why are Democrats afraid of anyone that might run for President? Hillary should scare the ()(U out of you.
    This guy wouldn’t be my choice but why hammer him already? Oh wait I know…only Democrats know what’s good to feed sheep.

    • John Smith

      Actually, CLYDE, I personally don’t care about a particular candidate as much as I do about the crappy, biased reporting by an alleged “news” source. I can get all the Rush Limbaugh I need on the WHO AM radio; I don’t need it from WHO-TV masquerading as news.

    • Tiffinay Compiano

      Well said Clyde. Ben Carson can bring together people from both sides of the aisle. He has a resume overflowing with very prestigious honors.He is well respected in the black community,which is a strong contingent of the Democratic party, the faith-filled community, & those with conservative values.
      He will get 17% of the black vote. Statistically, it will be impossible for any Democrat to win.

      • Vera

        Have you ever looked up the meaning of “conservative”?
        Also this 17% of the black vote, where did this come from? Just because he’s black doesn’t ensure he’s getting the black vote! I’m black and I don’t know anyone who would have anything to do with him after knowing what his plans for our country are. He’s black, but a black republican.

  • Hugo S LaVia

    The Family Leader – Official Site http://www.thefamilyleader.com
    The FAMiLY LEADER is a pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-life organization which champions the principle that God is the ultimate leader of the family
    (Could you go out and get a JOB, God? MY family is suffering!)

    It’s nice these right-wing fringe Bob Vanderplaats-lead fun-dumb-mentalist groups get free rein on Dumb Moines’ Fox channel, WHO. (Of course where would they be without Mark Price leading their cause?)

    400,000 sheeple (0.001224 percent of the US pop.) have signed his petition? Jeezis, Ralph Nader could kick his hiney.

    • John Smith

      Did you notice how that 400,000 figure was slipped into the story without indicating that it was a grand total from the entire US? Why, one might have been left thinking that all those people were Iowans!

      Now, was that just sloppy reporting, or was it deliberately done since it better served the story’s “big momentum” meme? Neither answer reflects well on WHO News.

      • Tiffinay Compiano

        Little less than half a million signatures Mr. Smith, but well over 11 million dollars raised, two YEARS before any election & by one committee. In this muzzled culture we are living in where everyone is just waiting for the PC police to get them and/or maybe an IRS audit some cowards are afraid to even put their last name on this site.

      • John Smith

        You know, Ms. Compiano, I don’t have the slightest idea what you are trying to say, here, but I don’t think it in any way addresses my point. At all.

        400,000 is, indeed, a TINY fraction of our population, the WHO-TV story did NOT even specify what population it was a fraction of, and the 130 actual Iowans in 99 counties that Dr. Taylor spoke of may please her no end, but it is most definitely NOT what I would characterize as “The Dr. Carson Movement” gaining momentum in the state, as did WHO-TV.

        In fact, the entire story would be laughable, if it weren’t for the fact that someone went to the trouble of trying to make a “news” item out of, yet undoubtedly wants to be known as impartial.

  • Mike Myers

    One of most important issues that Ben Carson is promoting is “Just say NO to political correctness.” I find it fascinating, ok, maybe not fascinating, that most of the posts are anti-Ben. One of the posts insinuates that the person that did this report is a liar. Another post throws in the “race card.” Clyde, nice post! Another one blasphemes God, “(Could you go out and get a JOB, God? MY family is suffering!)” Another, “It’s nice these right-wing fringe Bob Vanderplaats-lead fun-dumb-mentalist groups get free rein on Dumb Moines’ Fox channel, WHO.” And, last but not least, “400,000 sheeple (0.001224 percent of the US pop.) have signed his petition?” God sums it up for the very simple and the educated, “Love God with all of your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.” Beautiful!

    • John Smith

      Well, Mr. Myers, I realize you and Ben Carson and Bob Vander Plaats have no respect for the idea, but here in the US, we have this principal called “separation of church and state”. It’s in our Constitution.

      And, while the State goes to great lengths not to interfere in church business, it seems one Church or another ALWAYS thinks it should BE the State. And, rule all citizens according to its particular belief system. Now, of course, this is not a problem that is particular to the US only. We see it rearing its ugly head all over the world, all the time. Hence, our Founders sought to provide against it.

      Now, if you and Carson and Vander Plaats don’t like our constitution, that’s your right. But, constantly trying to undermine it is NOT your right. Nor is it the right of ANY religion.

      • John Smith

        RHONDA, I thank you for the compliment, and I appreciate what you’re saying. I must admit that I oftentimes wonder if a certain element in our political spectrum in this country even attended US Government class in high school. In my opinion, this is a great country primarily BECAUSE we seek to keep religious factionalism, and all its attendant problems, out of government. I must therefor reject ANY politician who seeks to garner votes by virtue of bellicose religiosity. I find nothing to be MORE un-American.

        Again, thanks!

      • Mike Myers

        “Well, Mr. Myers, I realize you and Ben Carson and Bob Vander Plaats have no respect for the idea, but here in the US, we have this principal called “separation of church and state”. It’s in our Constitution.”

        Amendment I

        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

        Please show me where YOUR quote comes from. I don’t find that idea in the First Amendment.

        “Now, if you and Carson and Vander Plaats don’t like our constitution, that’s your right. But, constantly trying to undermine it is NOT your right. Nor is it the right of ANY religion.”

        I love our Constitution! You are right in saying “Nor is it the right of ANY religion” I couldn’t agree with you more! “Now, if you and Carson and Vander Plaats don’t like our constitution, that’s your right.” Please don’t tell me what I think or shouldn’t think. I love our Constitution. It’s what continues to make this country great. This goes right back to my first point; “One of most important issues that Ben Carson is promoting is “Just say NO to political correctness.” You and I have very different world views and I respect your right to have them. Please respect my right to have differing ones without name calling…please.

        Dear John, and I personally don’t think your name is John Smith, I still love and respect you as part of the human race. It’s too bad there has to be such “bad blood” between you and I based primarily on our political beliefs and my religious belief. I’m very thankful that the Constitution protects my right to “the free exercise thereof.” I hope we can both continue to love this great country that we live in and, somehow, find some common ground.
        In the words of one of my favorite people, Red Skelton;

        “Good night and God Bless!”

      • John Smith

        I am not sure what you refer to, Mr. Myers, since I used no “quote”. But the principal of the separation of Church and State is settled law, and it has been for a very long time now.

        So, you can reference the First Amendment all you want; it has no bearing on anything I said to you.

        Do try to keep up, and make an effort to stay on-topic, won’t you?

      • Tiffinay Compiano

        Great lengths John? Were you aware of the HHS mandate REQUIRING all people to fund abortion regardless of if it goes against your beliefs? Direct attack on Christians. Where is the tolerance there?

      • John Smith

        Do you have ANY understanding of law, Ms. Compiano, and why we have always prided ourselves on being a nation of law?

    • Tiffinay Compiano

      What happened in Iowa to make you all so hateful? So unappealing.
      I don’t know one Christian, Ben Carson incuded, Who wishes to stop on your right to freedom of religion, or lack there of.

    • Tiffinay Compiano

      Actually it is the liberal
      progressives who are intolerant of any view besides their own. Dr. Carson respects people with beliefs other than his own ( thinking about his view on homosexuality) But- they don’t get to change the definition of marriage.

    • Tiffinay Compiano

      Actually it is the liberal
      progressives who are intolerant of any view besides their own. Dr. Carson respects people with beliefs other than his own ( thinking about his view on homosexuality) But- they don’t get to change the definition of marriage.

  • snooper

    One thing about fox and WHO… when you don’t agree with what they say, they let you say it. Kcci removes your post, and bans you from commenting because you don’t agree with the liberals. That says a lot right there.
    Myself I think this guy is too soft spoken to be President, but on the other hand I think obama (mr apoligy) is too much of a sneak to be. But then Joe Biden, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi scare me too. And Boehner, I know. We need a President that puts the fear in these other countries again. When other countries see our flag they need to respect it, not point at it and laugh. A President that bows to no one. Our vets did a good job of making them bow to us, and earned the right to be arrogant about it.

    • Mike Myers

      Hi snooper! Well said! I just received a pre-post e-mail and the name calling is alive and well. These conversations are a lost cause. I will continue to follow this post more for fodder for my internet talk show. Thanks everyone for some great material…I mean it. Really!

      • John Smith

        Yes, indeed, radical right-wing anti Americans boo-hooing about their victimhood is ALWAYS good for a few laughs.

  • do ur job

    So if I am a right wing nut job because I do not agree with the less than Affordable Care Act. What does that make you? An illiterate delusional heard of sheep? Exactly how many of you pay for your own premiums? (this means not through your employer and no govt rebates) As I always like to say, Obamacare is fabulous as long as you are not footing the bill. So tell me this, eventually the feds are going to decrease their subsidies to the state while increasing the population on the dole (plus Obama just increased the eligible population because they can come out of the shadows), who is going to pay for it? I think there should be an illiterate tax because if you chose not to read something, yet blindly approve it, you should pay more.

  • CarolinaSistah

    I am a black conservative Independent voter and I will not be voting for Dr. Carson. I like him well enough. He’s obviously a brilliant neurosurgeon, but I’m not falling for putting someone in office who is not qualified for the office, just because he’s black (or female)!

    • John Smith

      Good for you! Every voter should be paying such attention to possible candidates that come through Iowa, and trying to get as much information about them as possible. Race and gender are attributes over which a candidate has no control nor can take any credit. A candidate’s record of stated beliefs should be given much more consideration, as should a candidate’s fitness for the office in question.

    • Tiffinay Compiano

      Are you familiar with his beliefs or his resume.He has more knowledge, wisdom, and courage in his little finger than most any American; certainly more than President Obama.
      I do appreciate your honesty in saying that we shouldn’t elect him just because he’s black. I wish Obamavoters would have heeded the same advice. Please see my article on Quinersdiner.com.

      • John Smith

        Actually, I am evidently more familiar with Carson than you are, Ms. Compiano.

        But, then, I don’t hang out on bible-thumping rightwing fringe blogs. Nor, use them a a reference.

        For anything. At all.

      • do ur job

        Ah, John Smith, you are such a little, indolent, fleece for brains progressive. By your remarks, the only thing read to you were the talking points from the “you gotta pass it before you read it” coalition. Reading is a good thing, educate yourself.

      • Tiffinay Compiano

        Excellent then John. You are aware then that
        Dr. Carson holds more than 40 honorary doctorate degrees. He is a member of the American Academy of Achievement, the Horatio Alger Society of Distinguished Americans, and many other prestigious organizations.
        He was the 91st recipient of the Spingarn Medal which is the highest honor bestowed by the National Association of Colored People.
        In 2001 he was named by CNN and Time Magazine as one of the nation’s 20 foremost physicians and scientists. That same year, he was selected by the Library of Congress as one of 89 “Living Legends” on the occasion of its 200th anniversary.
        Go to http://www.runbenrun.org/volunteer to help spread the word!

      • John Smith

        You know, Ms. Compiano, I could not care less about someone’s honorary degrees or Man of the Year awards in this context. And, neither should anyone else, as they have absolutely no bearing on the subject at hand: Fitness for office.

        But, I will say that your logic is impeccable for someone who blogs for a bible-thumping anti-choice blog,

        Hint: A blog is available to anyone who agrees to pay the fees, so that they might post any delusional, meandering nonsense they wish on the internet. A blog, therefore, is nothing more than the latest version of “Vanity Publishing”. And worth every bit as little.

        Now, have you made an agreement with WHO-TV to blog here, too? In order to enhance your work in getting people to sign the petition for Carson? You ARE rather involved in the RunBenRun website, are you not?

    • John Smith

      You know, since otherwise, visitors here might think that there is a free exchange of ideas taking place.

      When WHO-TV’s stealth censorship seeks to prevent any such thing from happening.

    • Tiffinay Compiano

      Credentials do matter to most voters, John. And I suspect they do matter to you. It seems like the single best thing we could do for our posterity is to vote in the most qualified anti-establishment candidate, Dr. Ben Carson.

      • John Smith

        Are you lost AGAIN, Ms. Compiano? Or, are you just trying to change the subject?

        Here are some credentials I’m interested in: YOUR credentials, Ms. Compiano, working for Ben Carson and blogging on the WHO-TV website, apparently free of charge. I don’t much care about Carson’s since he HAS NONE for the office you all are teasing him for. While boosting his book sales.

      • Tiffinay Compiano

        Thank you John I’d forgotten to report that his One Nation book sales sky over Hillarys Hard Choices. His philosophy is that we are not each others enemies but all members of one race- the human race. If we continue to focus on what we disagree on instead of what we agree on, we deserve what we get, an Obomination.

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