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Red Cross Launches Gift of Grain Program

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DES MOINES, Iowa - The American Red Cross has launched a program encouraging farmers across the state to donate a portion of their crop.

The purpose of the Gift of Grain project is to donate grain to local and global communities who have had a recent disaster or who need help. Iowa produces 55-million tons of grain each year.

Red Cross volunteer, Twanta Staten, says “My father was a farmer and he didn`t have the time or money to give but he had the commodity. He would share a portion of his bounty and that`s what we`re hoping farmers here in Iowa do.”

Cash donations also will help support the armed forces and the organizations blood donation and distribution and health and safety courses.

The Red Cross has registered 600 co–op facilities across the state who are accepting donations; they can also be made online on the organizations website.

There is no deadline for donations.

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