Ernst Resigns From Iowa Senate, Special Election Announced

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Governor Branstad announced the date of a special election to fill the Iowa State Senate seat of US Senator-elect Joni Ernst, Monday.

Ernst wrote a letter of resignation Friday. It was effective immediately.

“Though I’m disappointed to lose Senator-elect Ernst’s leadership in the Iowa Legislature, I know she will be a strong voice of Iowa common sense in Washington, D.C.,” Governor Branstad said.

A special election for District 12 will be held December 30.

The seat includes Fremont, Mills, Montgomery, Page, Ringgold and Taylor counties.


  • John Smith

    Does anyone know if she intends to carry her concealed weapon into the United States Senate, like she did in the Iowa Senate? You know, in case the Senator-Elect needs to shoot someone trying to take her freedom away?

      • John Smith

        So, put more simply: You can’t answer the question, but you can’t keep yourself from trying to change the subject.

        Let us know if they find a cure for that.

      • Life goes on

        No the answer is it is too soon answer it. It just gets tiring that Liberals just can’t let thing lay. Keep rooting for Obama, he did the Dems well last month.

      • John Smith

        OK, so now comes the blithering. The flat fact of the matter is, Senator-Elect Ernst carried a concealed weapon in the Iowa State House, a building that goes to some trouble to screen the people who enter it for concealed weapons. That, Dittohead, is simple reality.

        Now, if you can’t answer the question, I suggest you get control of yourself, especially that part which tends to blither, and go peddle your nonsense on the AM radio. You know, where it will be appreciated.

      • Life goes on

        Ahh, you mistaken me for a right winger. Typical Dem. Sorry, I am a middle of the road and the right wingers are as bad as you leftists. All you can do is pout and call people names. No, sorry the answer can not be had at the moment since she has not been sworn in yet so we will have to see if she packs heat or not. That sure is why your statement was so absurd. One thing I respect her for is her service to your country which I can tell you have no idea what that is or means since I am sure you never did.

      • John Smith

        Yeah, sure, whatever keeps you warm at night, Dittohead dimwit,

        Tell you what, you stop back if you ever learn how to address a question properly, ya’ hear?

  • Chris

    The unfortunate part of her resigning from the State House is that she’s represting us in Washington DC. She’ll be another Michelle Bachman. God help us!

  • Marge

    I really am sorry that people will find out she’s from Iowa. Not all of us women from Iowa are this stupid.

  • aightball

    Here I was getting all excited thinking we were rid of her before she started. Rats. Dear US Citizens: not all Iowa women are this dimwitted, stupid, pigheaded, or bigoted. I promise. She does NOT represent me or more than half of other Iowans. She just has delusions of doing so…and with luck, she won’t last in DC more than her term.

  • John

    as an officer of the U.S. military, she should be in Leavenworth for sedition for saying that she would use her pretty little 9mm against any government trying to infringe her rights. though like most republican plans it is a big undefined notion without any specifics or plans for implementation or financing (like build a wall and deport them all)

  • John

    Iowa’s representation in Iowa is now more vacuous than ever… no plans, no details, just campaign slogans about castration, squealing, and using her pretty little 9mm… Iowa can be proud, but it may take 6 years to elect someone we can be proud of!

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