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Holidays the Perfect Time to Donate Blood

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The countdown to Christmas is on, but two people you didn’t see in the stores over Thanksgiving were Rick Espeland and Lisa Harris.

“My wife and daughter are out shopping. I made them drop me off at LifeServe and they’ll have to stay in Des Moines and come and pick me up later,” said Espeland.

“I think I have all of my Christmas shopping done,” Harris told Channel 13 News.

The two spent their Black Friday kicking back at LifeServe Blood Center donating blood. For Espeland, donating was even a way to keep a few bucks in his pocket.

“This is a good way for me to save money. I’m not anywhere I’ll be spending money,” said Espeland.

Beth Phillips, a PR and marketing specialist at LifeServe hopes people already out and about will follow the lead of Harris and Espeland and stop by.

“Once people come in and donate and get over that fear and stop giving the too busy type of excuse, then we see them coming back more and more,” said Phillips.

LifeServe currently has a sufficient supply of most types of blood, but Phillips says that can change overnight.

This time of year, people aren’t lining up to donate.

“During the winter months, donations decrease because of the cold weather and busy holiday schedules,” Phillips told Channel 13 News.

For many, blood is the ultimate gift. Phillips is hopeful that this holiday season people will think to give it.

“There’s not much you can do in an hour that impacts the lives of three people,” said Phillips.