Man Killed in St. Louis Hammer Attack Had Lived in Iowa

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ST. LOUIS, Missouri — The Bosnian community in St. Louis says they no longer feel safe following the beating death of a former Iowan over the weekend.

Thirty-two-year-old Zemir Begic was attacked by a group of teenagers over the weekend. Police say one of the teen’s hit Begic’s car with a hammer. Begic stopped and got out and that’s when he was attacked and killed after exchanging words with the suspects.

Three of the suspects are already in custody and police are searching for a fourth. The suspects range in age from 15-to-17.

Begic’s wife says he protected her from becoming a victim as well.

“Pull me out of the way and put himself in front of me, basically giving up his life for me,” says Arijana Mujkanovic.

Begic had lived in Waterloo and still has family there. His family says the funeral will be held in Iowa later this week.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for Begic’s funeral.


  • Paul

    Had he been carrying he would be alive now and four more thugs off the streets. This is proof that gun control doesn’t work, nor will banning hammers or groups of more than two.

  • Hezekiah Mummnings

    Notice the missing information? What race of people attacked the guy? Were they blacks? You know if the roles were reversed, it would be all over the news… but it’s okay for blacks to attack and kill whites.

  • Pure Honesty

    Willing to bet the attackers are black! You wont see this on the national news. Just another case that will show you that the media along with President Obummer are all about the race card and its only deserving of national attention when blacks are the victims.

    • lwut33

      Yup, its sad that you had to say “willing to bet…” I didn’t notice but this article never mentioned it anywhere. Obviously, the black children were drunk, high and angry about what the media told them happened to their fellow criminal in Ferguson…. I rarely read local news, but ended up here since the national news didn’t cover this at all. I didn’t realize how anti-white local media had become too. We aren’t the majority anymore, why are we still treated like the villain?

    • John Smith

      Oh, of course, because the Moonie Times of Washington is SUCH an unbiased source.

      Maybe you should try some ipecac for that FED UP problem.

  • lwut33

    Put “black” and “white” in the headlines the way you do for the dead Ferguson criminal. Missouri has a death penalty, so I guess the headline will read “White executioner kills young unarmed black man.”

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