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Collins-Maxwell Voters Decide $7.9 Million Bond Issue

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Voting in the Maxwell Community Building on the Collins Maxwell Bond Issue. (Roger Riley photo)

Voting in the Maxwell Community Building on the Collins Maxwell Bond Issue. (Roger Riley photo)

MAXWELL, Iowa- Voters are going to the polls in Collins and Maxwell Tuesday to decide on a  $7,950,000 bond vote to make improvements to the High School-Middle School Building in Maxwell.

The money would be used to install a security entrance, two new science classrooms, an addition to the cafeteria, and updates to the heating and cooling, including the installation of a geothermal system.

“We’re trying to focus on all corners of the building,” said Jason Ellingson, who is Supt. of Schools in the Collins Maxwell District. “we feel this is a really solid option for us to be thinking about doing the right thing for our students as well as our community,

The original structure is a 1931 building.  Updates were done in 1954, 1976, and 1995.  “Every 20 years the district has supported growth, and improvements to the complex here.” said Ellingson.

One of the components of the building improvement is security.  A new entrance will “provide a greater sense of security for anyone who has to come into the building,” said Ellingson.

“We’re looking at revamping our heating systems as well as putting in air conditioning.” said Ellingson.  The school will also install a geothermal system to help reduce operating expenses.

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