Exclusive Interview with Man Charged in McChicken Assault of Pregnant Wife

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Des Moines man is making international news after he was arrested for assaulting his pregnant wife -- with a McDonald's McChicken sandwich.

Marvin Hill says his wife brought him the sandwich, even though he doesn't like McChicken.  We asked him, "What is it about McChicken?"  "There's nothing about the McChicken," Hill said, "I just...some of them have like cartilage in them and I don't like them. It's not something that you want to wake up to and then see like, 'oh, my wife brought me a McChicken.'"

He says that led to a fight.  "I don't know. I was mad. I threw the bun at her hair," Hill said,  "After the bun hit her in the hair she started screaming hysterically and I was like 'dude, you're...you're freaking out for no reason. Chill out.'"

So, Hill says, instead of comforting his wife he thought it would be funnier to video tape her tantrum.  "I picked up our daughter. She goes to the bathroom to clean the mayo out of her hair and stuff and then I was filming it because she was cussing me out the whole time as I was holding out daughter and stuff," Hill says, "She hit me in my nose, she busted my lip and I was like 'dude you just hit me while I'm holding our kid. Like what's wrong with you.'"

Hill called the police, and they wound up arresting him for assault. On the police report, under "tool or weapon used," police wrote "McChicken."

"Like even the cops when they was talking to me they were like 'they really arrested you for that?' and I was like 'yeah. I don't know what to tell you. That's the only weapon I had...a McChicken.'"

According to the police report, Mrs. Hill told officers her husband pushed the bun into her face, causing redness on her nose.  Police say Mr. Hill was the aggressor in the incident and was trying to entice her into knocking his phone out of his hands to make it appear as though she was the aggressor.

Like most couples, Hill says he and his wife have had fights over the past five years they've been together, but nothing involving fast food. Now, the story of his un-happy meal has gone viral, being picked up by news agencies all over the world.  "I mean it sucks. Because I'd never want to be famous for that. Nobody wants to be famous for beating their wife," Hill says, "I just hope it goes away. Like I don't want to be remembered as like the McDonald's McChicken bandit dude."


  • Way to go Brilbeck

    Brilbeck strikes again…..I’m so proud that his liberal views support the suspect in this case. However minor the weapon used, the guy admits guilt on TV.

  • Miles

    Good!!! He needs be a grown man not a child throwing a temper tantrum ( I don’t want a chicken sandwich 😭😭)… Today is a McChicken tomorrow he is arrested for beating her …. And he calls his wife “dude” !?!?!?! I’m confused!!!!

  • Mike Cee

    If someone tried to give me the garbage that McDonalds tries to pass off as food, I’d be upset as well. But I’d only throw it in the trash, not at someone else.

  • Sue

    I’ve seen multiple posts saying he broke her nose. that’s scary. If he isn’t above abusing his pregnant wife, how safe are the children? Maybe he isn’t as bad of a guy as this comes across. Maybe he worked all night and isn’t feeling well and didn’t mean to hurt her. I don’t know. I hope that is the case. I hope, for her and the children’s sake, this is a one time thing. He must not have realized he broke her nose or you wouldn’t think he would have called the police. I guess If my spouse threw a sandwich at me and knocked my phone out of my hand (when I was intentionally egging him on), that would be a situation that would stay between us, not be reported to the police and pasted all over the news media.

  • Get Realistic

    It’s like, dude, I mean like cool over it, like hey man, ya know, it was like a Mcchicken, dude, ya known waht I mean. I was like oh wow man….. IDIOT!

  • MW

    I am truly disturbed and disgusted that you would interview a man that abused his pregnant wife, turning the whole scenario into a big joke and encouraging your viewers to continue blaming and humiliating the victim of the assault. This man broke his wife’s nose in front of their child, and in turn you downplay the injuries sustained by this woman and celebrate the man who injured her, perpetuating the misconceptions of your readers for the sake of entertainment. The victim deserves an apology and the interview should be taken down. This is not okay. Domestic violence is not okay. Your interview is not okay. Please, make this right.

  • Way to go brilbeck

    Brilbeck got his “exclusive” interview with a person admitting to domestic violence on TV. Brilbeck and his crew don’t care about the underlying issues that this interview raises, just that his creepy voice was heard via another waste of TV time. Shame on him…. the victim indeed deserves a public apology.

  • S Stephens

    How can you news people make a joke out of this???? It’s disgusting, this girl is 2 weeks from delivering a baby and is assaulted, I seen pictures of this girls face and he hit her with his fist not a sandwich.

  • Eric

    This man is a menace and any refection of his intentions should be nothing less of disgust and anger. His laughing could make a real man sick with retaliation for a woman who made the mistake of trusting him with her heart. I will discontinue any future affiliation with this news station from this point on for encouraging this man’s behavior and potentially escalating any future violent actions against woman in this man’s future by helping him justify his actions by turning this into a joke. Shame is on him and those on his side.

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