Arson Suspected in Ralston Post Office Fire

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Ralston Post Office damaged by fire believed to be arson. (WHO-HD)

Ralston Post Office damaged by fire believed to be arson. (WHO-HD)

RALSTON, Iowa — Investigators suspect a fire in the town of Ralston wasn’t an accident.

Somebody noticed the post office burning just after midnight on Wednesday. The fire caused extensive damage to the inside of the building.

The U.S. Postal Service is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. If an arrest is made, the suspect could face federal charges.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department and the State Fire Marshall are investigating.


  • Riverrunner

    The population of Ralston is less than 100 people, and it has been shrinking. I am not certain how many hours per week its post office was open. However, given budget constraints I imagine that the US Postal Service will not rebuild. If so, the damage to the town is not only the loss of one of its buildings, but also a lessening of the town’s self-identity. I hope the arsonist is caught, but the damage he did may be irreversible.

    • Kathleen

      Ironic the headlines state that Post Office is in Ohio, yet article has byline from Iowa. Of interesting note… Ohio has a Carroll County also.

  • jeffrey

    i hate people who commit arson i hope this person serves time in prison commit arson is wrong more so to the only thing left in ralston i hope they can catch the aronsists

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