Michigan Woman Wakes Up with Mystery Infant in Her Bed

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BATTLE CREEK, Michigan — A woman woke up to an infant in her bed and had no idea where the child came from or whose it was.  Battle Creek police in Michigan took custody of the baby pending the arrival of Child Protective Services.

Battle Creek Police said the child became “an instant hit” with the officers on duty.  The officers gave the child “matchbox cars, teddy bears and beanie babies” and even changing the baby’s diaper, making the child’s odd experience a little easier to get through.


Minutes after Battle Creek Police released information regarding the mystery child early Sunday, another press release was issued.

The baby has been identified and is in the process of being returned to his mother.  It turns out that the original caller’s son had dropped off the child before going out for the night and didn’t notify his sleeping mother.

Making the incident more absurd – it wasn’t even his baby.

Child Protective Services is in the process of investigating the incident.

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