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Salisbury House Holiday Tour of Homes

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DES MOINES, Iowa — This weekend Salisbury House, along with several homes in that neighborhood opened their doors for the annual Holly and Ivy Tour. The event serves as a fund-raiser for the house, which has been a museum since the year 1998.

The house was built from 1923 to 1928 by Carl Weeks as a home for his family.  In 1954 the home was sold to the Iowa State Education Association.  When that organization moved out, it became the Salisbury House Museum.

“This year every single room in Salisbury House has been professionally decorated,it just looks beautiful,” said Katie Wengert, the Community Relations Director for the House.  “This is the 18th annual Holly and Ivy Home Tour,” said Wengert. “We feature different historic homes in the neighborhood that are decorated for the holidays.”

Salisbury House is known for it’s architecture, patterned after the King’s Castle in Salisbury, England. It’s also known for it’s collection of books.” The Library is home to a lot of rare books, first edition books,  and first edition Bibles,” said Wengert. “These are things you can’t see anywhere else in the world.”

There will still be chances to catch the Salisbury House in it’s Christmas glory. “We’ll be housing a lot of holiday parties,” said Wengert.  As far as public programs we’ve got our Christmas program on Wednesday night  with the Polaris Quintet.”