The Insiders: Sen. Tom Harkin

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Iowa's Tom Harkin was first elected to Congress in 1974 in a wave of anti-Nixon, anti-Republican sentiment. He has served more than 14,500 days since then, and is now down to his final month in office.

Harkin watched another colleague, Louisiana's Mary Landrieu, lose her senate seat Saturday. He talks about what's going wrong for Democrats and why voters have voted out so many Democrats since Barack Obama became president.

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  • Gary Stanford

    Tom Harkin was a lawyer who went into politics and went to work for Neal Smith.Smith retired and Harkin got his job.His wife I a lawyer and sat on several large corporations on the boards.The Harkins net worth as last I heard as over twenty million dollars and the two main homes are in Hawaii and the Caribian.Nice chunk of money for an Ia.senator but most probably came from insider stock trades his wife had acess too.They say he was a big Ia.farmer advocate but I don’t believe that.He only had to spend three nghts in Iowa a year to qualfy him as an Iowa resident.Another nice perc that congress made for themselves.Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Fed UP

    Harkin is the worst rep. IA has ever had and good riddance. Now he changes his mind on ACA?? You’re a little late to the party, Senator. We all said it was terrible, but you were right in there to get it passed. Now that you don’t have to suffer the consequences, you admit the truth. You are dispicable and IA is surely better off.

  • John Smith

    After FOUR DECADES of elections, you would think that the up-tighty righty whiteys that swarm WHO-TV would begin to connect some dots.

    Hilariously, though, we see that they don’t have the requisite IQ. Not even close.

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