Winterset Airport’s Future Taking Off

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An aircraft takes off from the Winterset Airport

An aircraft takes off from the Winterset Airport (Roger Riley photo)

WINTERSET, Iowa — The Winterset Airport may soon be getting an upgrade. The community is working with the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Des Moines International Airport to create a new regional airport, according to Winterset Mayor, Jim Olson.

“Things are getting filled up and they need another regional airport,” said Mayor Olson.  “They want Winterset to be the Southwest Iowa Region airport.”

According to the Mayor, the airport would upgrade to a 5,500 foot runway, with a new terminal, much like the Ankeny Airport. The new airport would be 20-30 minutes from Des Moines metro.  It would offer space for larger corporate jets.  The expansion would also have lots to draw businesses wanting a location at the new airport.

“We think that will be one of the greatest things that ever happened to us,” said Mayor Olson.  “It will bring in businesses, and some more industry.”



  • Brooks Woolson

    Only the people who live or own a business on a particular road should pay for the cost to pave it. Asphalt is just a luxury, mud will do.

    Why should we consider community infrastructure a community investment? Oh… That’s right, because we all benefit.

    Why not move to a third world backwater, Fred? You would be much happier there.

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