Branstad Pushing for Gas Tax and Vehicle Fee Increases

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Gov. Terry Branstad was back to talking about raising the gas tax Monday, along with other vehicle fees in order to raise money to fix Iowa’s roads and bridges.

Branstad is pitching what he calls a hybrid plan.

The first step would be increasing the tax on each gallon of fuel sold in Iowa.

He also wants to charge higher fees on fuel efficient vehicles. Those vehicles use less fuel, so drivers pay less in taxes, even though their vehicles cause as much road wear as other vehicles.

The governor says he will lead the discussion in the legislature to change the law but it’s up to lawmakers to come up with the details.

“I’m not going to dictate what those elements should be. I want it to be a bipartisan consensus and get input from all four caucuses in the legislature. I think that’s the best way to try to get something done,” says Branstad.


  • swspur

    Just one of the many reasons I do not vote for him. Always trying to kill off the middle class, elderly and the poor with excessive taxes. Shame on you Governor…

    • Thinker

      I am not in favor of this tax BUT spare me your words if you vote Democrat . Democrats love power and LOVE taxing ALL classes. You have no room to talk if you vote Democrat. You don’t get it.

    • Randy Graven

      Last spring when somebody wrecked a bridge in Guthrie Center with overweight farm equipment Jos Byrnes(district 51 represntative of the House ways and means committee) was touting a fuel tax raise to fix Iowa’s roads and bridges. And I got news-he is a Republican.

  • Right Wing Patriot

    Advice for Lt Govenor Reynolds – if you have any interest in running for govenor the next time around you better stay clear from this toxic idea.

  • John Smith

    Yes, because as a charter member of ALEC, the Governor knows full well the importance of discouraging higher-efficiency vehicles on our roads. Hell’s Bells, the fossil fuel industry is barely making a profit as it is!

  • RDM

    I never voted for him, not once. So don’t blame the sane people for his dirty deeds. I don’t even blame the governor. He knows what he is and what he does. You can’t blame a rat for being a rat. But you can blame those that vote for the rat. Enjoy middle class Iowans. Too late to cry now.

  • Rebecca Hergert


    • JW

      I agree!!! He needs to stop bullying the middle class! The roads are being repaired just fine. People buy those cars so they can afford food for the family! He`s looking forward to a fatter paycheck since it costs nothing, not a penny for his family eat, we taxpayers front that bill. He has a chef, I`m the chef in our family!

  • Fred Pherlps (@FredPherlps)

    He forgot to mention the exemptions he wants for farmers and other businesses, it would be wrong to make them pay their fair share. And of course he opposes raising the tax on alcohol, his families favorite drug of abuse. And of course he’ll be needing some of that money for his friends projects instead of fixing roads and bridges with it.

    • Thinker

      Leave the farmers OUT OF IT, Fred. You have no room to talk unless you are one of them. You obviously no nothing about Iowa farming.

      • jim

        Oh, I are saying that Iowa farmers can’t afford to pay their fair share? The same Iowa farmers who enjoy big government subsidies?? The same Iowa farmers who’s land has skyrocketed in value above $10,000 a acre and partly due to the ethanol fiasco and paid by we the taxpayers?? Get a grip…the typical Iowa farmer is a multimillionaire who benefited greatly from government subsidy programs.

  • JodyJ

    Come On Branstad !! I cannot Even Afford my Vehicle Registration as it is. $163 a year !! Then Include Insurance? .. What in the WORLD are you / the City of Des Moines, Doing … With the Revenue from Prairie Meadows???!!!!!

  • do ur job

    Fine 1 cent tax and I want bicycles that use highways and not the trails taxed and ticketed too. And I want the fees to go directly to the roads and not to the general slush fund for DAS use.

  • Chad P.

    Legalize Marijuana already and just tax that. A pack of cigarettes is taxed $1.36 by the state and then an additional $1.01 federal excise tax by the government. And probably sales tax on top of all that.

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