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Altoona Couple Arrested After Dog Bites Child

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ALTOONA, Iowa--An Altoona couple was arrested after police say their dog bit a young child who was in their care.

Police arrested 38-year old Scott Kimmel and 22-year old Lea Kimmel for Child Endangerment-Serious Injury, a Class C Felony.

Police and medics were called to the Kimmel’s Altoona apartment in the 900 block of 8th Street SW Monday night.

The Kimmels told police the one-year old girl they were babysitting had fallen on a metal dog cage and cut her cheek but that's not what doctors think happened.

“Once the child got down to Blank the E.R. doctors at Blank were pretty quick to sit down and recognize this as being a dog bite,” says Detective Jason Ferguson with the Altoona Police Department.

After questioning Lea Kimmel again, police say she admitted the couple's dog Angel bit the girl. She said the dog had been recently acting more aggressive.

“What was unique about this case was Mrs. Kimmel knew the history of the dog becoming more aggressive with other kids, growling, showing her teeth that sort of thing in the weeks prior to this incident,” says Detective Ferguson.

Police say the Kimmels were charged with a more serious crime because they lied about what happened and knew about the dog’s previous behavior.

“They tried to cover it up when we first got there, the dog was gone, they sat down and said the child had fallen so they took a lot of steps to cover up the fact that the dog actually bit the child. When you tell us, the dogs been acting up for a couple of weeks and demonstrating some aggressive behavior, different behavior than normal towards children, that`s a problem,” says Detective Ferguson.

The Kimmels relinquished their rights to Angel. After a mandatory ten day quarantine, they asked that she be euthanized.

The Kimmels were booked into the Polk County Jail and being held on a $10,000 bond each.

Altoona Police say the girl has since been released from the hospital.


  • melody

    I don’t believe an animal should be euthanized before being seen by a veterinarian. Is she truly aggressive or does she have a medical reason? A bad tooth or an ear infection? If Angel doesn’t like children then adopt her to a family without small children. I don’t believe Angel should be euthanized just because she had irresponsible pet parents

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