Hoiberg: Bryce Dejean-Jones Will Not Play in Game Against Iowa

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AMES, Iowa –Iowa State University men's basketball coach Fred Hoiberg announced that Bryce Dejean-Jones has been suspended and will not play in Friday's game against the University of Iowa.

Police were called to Bryce Dejean-Jones’ apartment complex at about 3 a.m. Thursday on a noise complaint. When they arrived they smelled marijuana, obtained a warrant and entered the apartment. Inside they found Bryce Dejean-Jones and three or four other people along with a small amount of marijuana.

Police say this is at least the 5th time they've been to Dejean-Jones' apartment for noise-related violations.

They also said they had met with the coaching staff about Dejean-Jones' repeated incidents.

Channel 13’s Michael Admire spoke with one Iowa State student that lives on the same floor as Dejean-Jones, and he shared with us pictures of trash outside Dejean-Jones' apartment with broken doors. The student told us this is a common site.

These pictures were taken on September 27th.

Dejean-Jones was arrested and charged with hosting a drug house, a serious misdemeanor, as well as nuisance party and noise violations. The drug house charge was dismissed.

Coach Hoiberg says Dejean-Jones did practice with the team Thursday and will travel with the team to Iowa City Friday for the Cy-Hawk matchup, but will not play.

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  • Fed UP

    Good for you, Fred. It’s about time these guys are held accountable and not given a pass because they can shoot a basket. That’s not a talent and not building life skills. Learning not to trash your own apt would be a good start.

  • John Smith

    Seems reasonable. Even if no crime committed, an athlete at that level should never allow himself to be in that position. So, sit out a game for bad judgement.

  • RuthAnn

    It is great that Fred is giving at least a one game suspension. Though it sound like there is more issues that need to be addressed. The pictures as well as the fact the police have been to De-jean Jones apartment a few times for noise violation. Sounds like someone needs to take De-jean Jones aside and give him a good talking to and give him a choice of either getting his act together or a few more suspensions.


    And if this would of been a U of I player you all would be calling for a season long suspension. Go back to loving your sheep….they miss you. 1 game seriously? last time I checked this is not Colorado where small amounts of pot in your house is legal. It seems that since ISU has realized they are, and will never be anymore than a basketball school. They are willing to allow star players to get away with illegal activities. Stay classy ISU, stay classy.

    • paul

      Last I checked Jok didn’t sit at all and he was arrested twice. Driving drunk endangers lives…marijuana endangers junk food. DUI is illegal everywhere, marijuana is legal or being decriminalized all over. Weak point.

  • Helen

    Time to grow up! Guess when you think you’re owed something because you’re a “star” it will never happen. Hope he continues to get into trouble and he’s gone soon. Just keep bringing these guys to ISU who have been kicked out of other colleges , it’s a great thing. Wouldn’t want any decent people on the team.

  • Ted Kennedy Search and Rescue Co.

    Negros move in and 3 things will show up:
    I’ve seen it a hundred times when these people move into an area or apartment complex.
    They are like locusts bent on destruction.
    Quite the odd behavior in this species of humans.

  • Thomas

    Why doesn’t he tell Fred “so get up out my trap house” (litterly) I think he should play, we need to beat Iowa. But then we will hear about all the iowa whinner babies “we would have won ect.”

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