Drug House Charge Against Iowa State Basketball Player Dismissed

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AMES, Iowa – A drug house charge against Iowa State University men’s basketball player Bryce Dejean-Jones has been dismissed.

Police were called to Bryce Dejean-Jones’ apartment complex at about 3 a.m. Thursday on a noise complaint. When they arrived they smelled marijuana, obtained a warrant and entered the apartment. Inside they found Bryce Dejean-Jones and three or four other people along with a small amount of marijuana.

Dejean-Jones was arrested and charged with hosting a drug house, a serious misdemeanor, as well as nuisance party and noise violations. The drug house charge was dismissed.

Late Thursday morning, the Story County Attorney announced that the charges against Dejean-Jones have been dropped.

Police said they’ve been called to Dejean-Jones’ apartment at least five times already this semester on noise complaints. Police held a meeting with other tenants and Dejean-Jones to create a plan for dealing with the noise issue before police are called. That plan did not work and on Thursday morning police were called again.

Police say they’ve also reached out to ISU coaches this semester to discuss the problems the UNLV transfer was having with noise complaints.

Video courtesy The Des Moines Register

The 22-year-old is averaging 17 points, seven rebounds and three assists a game for the Cyclones so far this season.

Fred Hoiberg's team face Iowa in the CyHawk game Friday.


    • Nick

      He definitely won’t play tomorrow night. Or for the next several games. Unless Fred takes a page out of Fran’s playbook and gives him the Peter Jok treatment. Then he can get arrested twice and play every game of the season.

      • Great to be a feline

        Typical Cyclowner response. I do believe Mr. Jok was punished both times. Let’s see what the mayor does (probably nothing)

        Go Panthers

    • CHRIS DRUMM (@cdrummbks)

      The “right thing”? Charges were dropped. He was making noise. Small bag of reefer does not in reality equate to any kind of “hosting a drug house.” It would be ridiculous if this incurs any disciplinary action at all, especially from The Mayor. Obviously it doesn’t affect his ability to play. Indeed it seems to help. Maybe find him some better neighbors.

  • None

    While this stinks, timing could actually be a lot worse, for example: preparing for a ranked conference team with a conference championship on the line, or before NCAA tournament game, etc. Season is still early, a road loss here wouldn’t be the end of the world.

    • John Nitty

      Well at least he learned that being apart of a basketball team gets you free passes on drug charges. Any other lonely stoner kid on campus minding his own business smoking a little pot would be kept in jail, charged fully, and left to fight a multi-thousand dollar court case. Time that we start treating these obvious harmless pot users more like our basketball stars and try to rehabilitate them from using drugs instead of potentially ruining their lives because cops wanna play DEA.

  • annony2626

    A drug house…really….for pot? Seriously iowa it will be legal before to long. Pick ur battles…when u say drug house that does not include weed. People need to get outta the 80s there are far more benefits than cons for weed. Stop believing the government its not a bad drug…alcohol is far far worse.

    • Luke

      He was simply doing the exact same thing that countless thousands of other college students across the country were doing last night, hanging out at home getting stoned. If anyone thinks this is a serious crime or something that deserves a front-page mugshot (shame on WHO), please go back to the 1920’s,

      • Answering the foolish

        Maybe that is why there are countless thousands of graduates with thousands of dollars in debt that don’t have a job. They borrowed the money to go to school and party. And to think you still believe smoking pot has no effect on ones brain. The response proves many folks right.

    • so be it

      Not disagreeing totally with you, but isn’t pot still illegal according to the Iowa Code. Till it gets changed, that is what happens.

  • John Johnson

    Hope those reporters feel good about themselves rushing a college athlete with a mic and hidden camera for throwing a party. Congrats WHO-TV on your classy move!

  • do ur job

    Another dumb Jok. If you’ve had that many noise complaints, maybe you should pump up the country music while your buddies toke up? Apparently your neighbors dont like your music choice and they might not call the cops. Seriously, you know your neighbors call every chance they get and you put yourself in that kind of situation- that is just dumb.

  • Marge

    Nothing will happen, first of all he’s an athlete second he’s just another transfer to ISU who got in trouble where he was before. Nothing will happen.

  • Randy Graven

    I don’t care if he smokes pot or not. But if the cops have been called half a dozen times for noisy parties and he had pot in the house, why is he still on the team? Whatever happened to training rules?

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