‘I wasn’t getting it’: Dejean-Jones Apologizes

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AMES, Iowa - For the first time since facing serious charges last week, Iowa State basketball player Bryce Dejean-Jones met with the media Sunday night.

Police were called to Bryce Dejean-Jones’ apartment complex at about 3 a.m. Thursday on a noise complaint.  When they arrived they smelled marijuana, obtained a warrant and entered the apartment. Inside they found Bryce Dejean-Jones and three or four other people along with a small amount of marijuana.

Dejean-Jones was arrested and charged with hosting a drug house, a serious misdemeanor, as well as nuisance party and noise violations. The drug house charge was later dismissed.

Coach Fred Hoiberg suspended Dejean-Jones for one game, the Iowa-Iowa State game Friday night.

Dejean-Jones was back in the Cyclones' lineup Sunday night against Southern.  He met with reporters following the game, seated right next to Coach Hoiberg.

"I wasn't getting it," Dejean-Jones said. "I learned my lesson, I understand it now, and I'm going to move forward."

The Cyclone guard apologized to fans, teammates and his neighbors.  He also denied the use of marijuana that night. "I wasn't charged with marijuana possession, and I had no involvement with marijuana," Dejean-Jones said.

DeJean-Jones said the situation is a "distraction that shouldn't have been brought on the team."

One that Coach Fred Hoiberg says won't happen again. "I absolutely anticipate Bryce learned his lesson," Hoiberg said.


  • Fed UP

    10 warnings and he doesn’t get it?? Tell me it isn’t so. What’s this kid doing in college? Oh, ya, I forgot, he can shoot baskets real well. Now there’s a real world life skill.,…,,.,.,.,.

  • Immortal Illumined

    the people of Iowa would rather you suffer and die in pain or lock you in jail before allowing access to the natural relief you need, PURE EVIL

    20 years behind us, you have no leaders nor freedom

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