Local Church Members Star in Music Video

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- At the Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines, large crowds on Sundays are the norm.

"Our membership is right around 15,000. On an average weekend, we'll have about 9-10,000 people show up,” said Mark Brandt, a youth minister.

Church leaders say there is always room for more, especially on Christmas day.

"When people ask me if Hope Church is big enough, I ask them if everyone in Des Moines is a membership of a church and the answer is always no. So no, we're not big enough,” Brandt told Channel 13 News.

To attract new faces, church members turned on their radio and found instant inspiration from a popular song and decided to create a music video.

"This song is just perfect. It's easy. People can understand the beat of it,” said Carlie Hajduch, a church member.

"It's a really big song. Let's see what will come of it,” said Brandt.

Church members wrote their own lyrics and created "All About that Babe”. People of all ages and dancing abilities stepped in front of the green screen and became music video stars.

"Some of them who would never get in front of a camera had to get in front of the camera and do dance moves,” said Brandt.

Of course, the purpose of the video isn't to get rich and famous even though it has gotten quite the response.

"This one by far has been the craziest online,” Brandt told Channel 13 News.

Brandt says the ultimate goal is to welcome people from all walks of life.

"We all love being fools for Christ. If we can do that and be goofy and have somebody come to the church for the first time because we aren't afraid to be goofy ourselves. That's a disarming way of inviting somebody,” said Brandt.

On Facebook, the video has more than 80,000 views and over 3,000 shares.

You can view the video by visiting the Lutheran Church of Hope Facebook page at the link below.



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