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Investigators: Coaches Accused of Assault Drove School Vehicle to Scene of Crime

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

2_mug_larson_nessaSTORY COUNTY, Iowa – Two Webster City High School wrestling coaches have been arrested on several charges, including felony assault.

Head wrestling coach Ted Larson, who also serves as director of transportation for the Webster City Community School District, was arrested on Saturday. Volunteer assistant coach Terry Nessa was arrested on Sunday. Both men have been charged with willful injury – felony assault, first degree burglary – burglary/breaking and entering, and second degree criminal mischief.

The Story County Sheriff’s Office said that at about 10 p.m. Saturday deputies responded to a rural Story County home on a report of an assault. According to witnesses, the suspects broke in to the home, assaulted one person and ransacked the home. The men are also accused of damaging vehicles parked at the home. The victim remains hospitalized.

Investigators said the two men drove a marked Webster City Community School District vehicle to the home where the assault took place.

The Fort Dodge Messenger reports that Larson has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Both men are being held at the Story County Jail on a $40,000 bond.


  • Jasper

    Wow. Hope their punishment isn’t as light at Jim Flaws’ of Carlilse (crack cocaine posession.) These coaches are supposed to be role models….GOOD role models.

    • Anon

      These coaches are good people. They are human, everyone makes mistakes. If you don’t know the stories behind these two amazing coaches, please don’t judge. Everyone goes through ups and downs in life, and everyone makes mistakes. Yes, this doesn’t make them look like good role models, but it doesn’t define who they are what so ever. They have both accomplished more than a lot of people have in their lives. Try and think how the family is feeling right now. Everyone does have their own opinion, and this is mine. It makes you mad, but it’s also saddening. I feel for the families going through this right now.

      • Helen

        No matter what is going on you can’t break into someone’s house and beat them up. They need to lose their jobs over this! Yup real good people. Stop defending them! They didn’t seem to worry about what the families would be going through and to use a school vehicle? Couple of idiots.

      • Mike Cee

        How can you possibly defend these thugs and what they did? They broke into someone’s home, did huge amounts of damage, and beat the snot out of the homeowner. The fact that Larson’s wife was having an affair isn’t an excuse for this type of behavior.

        These coaches are not good people-they are criminals who planned and committed a crime and deserve to spend a lot of time rotting in prison. To call these thugs “good people” is an insult to everyone who manages to live a life without committing the crimes that these two did.

        I sincerely hope that you are never attacked, beaten or burglarized by “good people” such as these.

  • Truth

    If you get caught with another mans wife this is often the result. Too bad he drove a school vehicle. “Victim” deserved what he got, let’s hope his cheating wife gets her do as well.

    • Julie

      Nice that you can say that when you’ve probably never considered the victim may not have known he was seeing a married women. I honestly don’t see how you can say that about someone who’s been in the hospital for more than a day now when you don’t even really know the situation. An attack like this is undeserved and an obvious indicator of these two coaches true natures. They deserved to be fired and hopefully spend some time in jail.

  • Jeff

    Terry is a horrible role model for the kids. He should have never been allowed to be a “volunteer coach” with his history.

  • Statistical Anomaly

    Your wife was cheating on you again so you want me to with you in a marked car to a home invasion? Great idea!

  • Joanie

    Jeff, how is one allowed to coach with history of arrests for fighting? Are they not running background checks on their ‘volunteer’ coaches?

    • Matt

      Maybe not…several years ago, WC had an umpire, I believe, caught taping middle school kids in the locker room and he also had stuff on his computer. He was arrested and committed suicide while awaiting trial, if memory serves me correctly.

    • Jeff Bugle

      Easy someone is lazy and didn’t run a simple background check. Prob too busy drawing up football plays that don’t work or watching DAYS OF OUR LIVES while the rest of the adults in the HS are working with kids.

  • Wrestler1

    I grew up knowing these guys and seeing what they did shocks me. I don’t agree with what they did but I still think very highly of these men. They have been role models to me since I was in youth wrestling and they still are to this very day. If you would actually know these men they would do anything for their wrestlers. i know in my heart and in everyone of our wrestling families hearts they are still good people.

    • Mike Cee

      You should hope that these “good people” never decide to break into your home, beat you into submission, and then do thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property. Wait-you don’t have to worry. These “good people” are going to go to prison for many years, so you and the rest of the public are safe from these “good people”.

      The world would be a better place if “good people” like this were not in it.

      • Wrestler1

        You don’t even know them like I do and I bet I could go up to each one of them and they would still have my back today. What they did was wrong but they don’t just go around beating people up. They made one mistake. They still are good people. You are focusing only on the bad things. These two have had a positive impact on the community for many years. Ted has actually won the citizen of the year for our community and he has won coach of year in iowa. So before you keep running your mouth about the one bad thing they did how about you look back and see all the good things they did and how many lives they have impacted POSITIVELY.

    • Soon to be retired

      According to the officers interviewed on TV, they were in a school vehicle. The wife did not comment on the vehicle. They had the whole trip from WC to McCallsburg and it didn’t cross their minds that this was very wrong. Duh.

  • IrishMike

    They are role models,kids need to learn sometimes people have an A$$ whoppin’ comin. If your wife is in a house with another guy you gotta handle your business.

    • John Smith

      Or, you could just throw your money off of the roof; that might be more fun, and it would certainly have a better chance of doing some good.

      • Soon to be retired

        They could have beaten him so badly that he died or had a heart attack and they could be facing murder charges! Everyone in this situation is very lucky nothing worse happened. Very stupid thing to do!!! Nothing excuses this kind of behavior

  • Shawn Monks

    WOW….So from reading the comments, it is ok to beat and rob someone if they are cheating with your wife. When did that law get passed. Really people wake up. This wasn’t an act of passion where he suddenly found them and lost his mind. This was planned where they took a school vehicle, drove to the house with the sole intent to beat, rob, and destroy. This is not a person I would want teaching/coaching my children. People are always “good people” until they do something wrong. Being a “good person” previous to a crime does not dismiss the crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Shawn Monks

        I never said that the victim was a “good person” nor did I say that the cheating wife was a “good person”. I said that it doesn’t matter what type of people they were. The criminal behaviour of breaking in, beating up, and trashing someone’s house isn’t acceptable whether they are good or bad people. I didn’t excuse anyone’s behaviour here. I personally feel that everynoe involved commited some part of wrongdoing. I simply was saying that a man who will do the things that were done here is not a acceptable role model I want for my kids.

    • Soon to be retired

      You said how could he not know she was married. She lived many miles from him. What, are married women supposed to have a tattoo on their forehead saying they are married? How do you know he knew she was married. Maybe she fibbed a little to both him and her husband. Still no excuse for violence!!!

  • Jeff Bugle

    Why was a coach with a criminal record allowed to coach? Sounds like WC’s esteemed AD Bob Howard isn’t doing his job. Pretty pathetic that he can’t win a district title or run a simple background check.

  • Brett Adams

    Unless you have felt the pain that larson had to feel nobody can talk. If anybody should be catching a charge it should be the cheating slut. I’m guessing its a safe bet that the home wrecker that got wrecked will stay away from married women. My prayers an sympothy go out to larson an nessa. Tough call to make but a call that had to be made.

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