Ames Wrapping Up 150 Year Celebration

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AMES, Iowa- Ames Mayor Ann Campbell hosted a ceremony outside the Ames History Center to mark the final chapter in Ames' 150th Birthday Celebration.  The City will create a time capsule that will mark life in Ames in the year 2014. Included in the capsule will be newspapers, pictures of the Cyclones on Parade Statues, and a program from the last VEISHEA ever.

" A number of calendars of events for things that happened this year, grocery ads, the things that will be of interest 50 years from now," said Mayor Ann Campbell.

Residents can still give suggestions for what should go into the next time capsule,  It will be placed in the Library for opening in the year 2064.  The next time capsule will be sealed in January.

The last day of celebration of the Ames 150th Birthday was called Platting Day.  December 15th 1864, was the day several city blocks of Ames, were laid out.

"Today is the day that it was legally platted, said Mayor Campbell. "The first 12 blocks that are right here in the center at 5th and Douglas.  "We'll be recognizing some of the buildings that were built when Ames first became Ames."

The town was first laid out by John Ensley Blair, and Masachusetts Congressman Oakes Ames, according to Casie Vance of the Ames History Center.  "They were looking for the path of the railroad, as it continued across Iowa,"said Vance.  They took the railroad as far west as it went, that was Marshalltown.  "Then they took the stagecoach further west," said Vance.

The men spotted a place for a rail depot between the Skunk River, and Squaw Creek. "Even though it was marshy and boggy land, they decided to put a depot here," said Vance. Congressman Oakes Ames is the man whom Ames is named for.