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Charitable Donations Not Meeting Demand at DMARC

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DES MOINES, Iowa --  Rebecca Whitlow, director of the Des Moines Area Religious Council Food Network Pantry says that they are serving more families than ever before.

According to Whitlow, DMARC is helping about 500 new families each month with food benefits. “This has been the busiest it has been in my two and half years here."

November was the busiest month for the pantry, since the beginning of 2012. They served 5,063 families, within their network, that month.  November saw the lowest increase in usage, but was still the highest month of overall use.

The Bidwell pantry was one of busiest within their network. "It’s been overwhelming. Our number from last year have went up 45 percent,” said Laura Teachout, benefits coordinator at Bidwell.

Teachout says the biggest need within the DMARC network is meat of any kind. "The cost of meat has skyrocketed. We need frozen meat, any meat, even beef jerky would help."

“The demand for the pantries have increased but the donations have not," say Whitlow. She does offer speculation on why the donations have dropped, "People think the economy is better. (the donors think) Things are better for me, so that means there isn't enough need out there."

The goal for DMARC is to withstand the high demand and hope other donors will come forward. "“I know that if we put the plea out there, our donors realize the need and they come fourth,” said Whitlow.

If you would like to donate to DMARC click here.



  • Kyra

    They come “fourth”? Hmmm….
    Do the donors really think that since things are better for them that there isn’t a need? Or, is it possible that things aren’t better for them? Also, if the government wasn’t so “generous” with our money, maybe we could afford to donate more.

  • Sue

    Yep, I would sure like to know where this better economy is and who things are better for. Our company is in it’s third year of wage freezes. but, our insurance premiums spiked 40%, our deductibles increased and our copays increased. The price of meat has skyrocketed for me as well. Hamburger is ON SALE this week for $4.98/pound!!

  • Fed UP

    It’s time that these “people in need” be vetted. I would be willing to guess there are plenty of those coming that do not meet the requirement of “being poor” but come because it’s free. We the working people cannot sustain everybody that thinks they can get a free ride. The more we give, the more they take, and it cannot continue.

    • zip

      I thought the same thing. How many figure they’ll take the free food and use their (food) money to upgrade their cell phone (or something else).

  • Sue

    yeah, how many of those getting food donations are updating their Facebook status on their iPhone when they come in? Give up your beer, cigarettes, smart phone, starbucks, etc and buy groceries. I realize there are those out there that truly need help with groceries. I think our society has an entitlement mentality though and seems to expect others to make up their short falls.

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