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Iowans Encouraging Elizabeth Warren to Run for President

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Some Iowans are pulling for a woman to become the next president of the United States and their chosen candidate isn't Hillary Clinton.

Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren is getting plenty of support. However she rejected the idea when asked about it three times during an interview Tuesday.

When the reporter made a fourth attempt, Warren responded by saying, "Do you want me to put an exclamation point on the end?"

Apparently some Iowans won't be satisfied until she does.

MoveOn.org hosted a "Run Warren Run" rally Wednesday night at Java Joe’s coffee shop in downtown Des Moines.

They say it won't be the first time Warren has said she wouldn't run and then done just the opposite.

“She was drafted into her senate race in 2012 when it wasn’t on her radar by a grass roots movement. And our effort here is to convince her and show her her that there’s a robust movement of people all across Iowa and all across the country that want her to take her fight to the presidential race,” says Ilya Sheyman with MoveOn.org.


  • John Smith

    Gee, I wonder why WHO-TV and Dave Price didn’t send a named reporter to cover the event, like they did for Ben Carson? Seems Unfair and Unbalanced somehow.

      • John Smith

        Yes, MIKE, your difficulties with reading comprehension are well known here. As is your tendency to comment on articles you haven’t read at all.

        Say, sometime you should try out the “Hello Kitty – Island Adventures” website that Butters Stotch is so fond of: Might be more your speed.

  • Rebecca Hergert

    My husband says, ‘he knows who she is & agree’s on some things with her, BUT SHE GOES WAY TOO FAR TO THE LEFT ON SOMETHINGS, IN-FACT, WAY TOO FAR’!!

  • tom sullivan

    remember … she the one that claimed to be native American so get upwards of 100,000 in grant money for college….that’s felony fraud !!!! but under this administration not one democrat will ever be prosecuted for any crimes

  • Right Wing Patriot

    Whats the ‘little birdie’ say when the clock strikes three – Cookoo – Cookoo – Cookoo. This chick makes Obama look like a centrist. Sheesh.

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