Jung’s Oriental Grocery Reopens Thursday

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- The grocery store owner who was shot in the head during a robbery this week has been released from the hospital and plans to reopen his store on Thursday.

On Monday, two men with guns robbed Jung’s Oriental Grocery store on East 9th street, shooting both the owner, Sith Macvilay and his nephew. Macvilay was shot in the head; his nephew was shot in the leg.

Maclivay says he thanks God for sparing his life and is thankful for the community's support. He says that support is the reason he's getting the store back up and running.

“Everything is fine. Thank you to everyone who worried about me,” says Macvilay.

Macvilay is a well - known member of the Laotian community. He’s been the owner of Jung’s since 1999 and built a small strip mall to unite the community.

“I don’t know why this happens to me,” Macvilay laughs.

Police are still investigating the robbery and believe it could be related to a string of recent robberies in the area.