Ohio Man Makes Zombie Themed Nativity Scene

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SYCAMORE TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A man in Sycamore Township has been asked to take down his zombie themed nativity scene due a violation in the zoning code.

“It’s missing I guess a permit to build a structure in your front yard,”said Jasen Dixon, the owner of  the Nativity.  “I wanted a zombie scene, a manger scene. all I had to work with since I manage 13 rooms haunted house is zombies. It’s a different take. I handmade everything but Joseph and Baby Jesus so it’s kind of artsy.”

The Sycamore Township regulation says that any structure should be three feet from any property line and  six feet from any structure and should be in the backyard.

Dixon says he plans on taking down the set after Christmas.




    • k

      It’s only blasphemy if you just happen to be born into a family who believe that book of tales is the one to believe. Be born into a different family a block down the street, of even be swapped into the wrong family at birth, and suddenly you believe a whole different set of tales are the correct ones.

  • Fed UP

    What kind of sick mind wants to scandalize a beautiful Holiday and tradition with a zombie. That is one twisted sister.

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