Rash of Burglaries Hit Gray’s Lake Neighborhood

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- There's a Grinch breaking into homes in a Des Moines neighborhood. Police say they’ve responded to nine burglary calls since the beginning of December.

Heidi Wessels has lived in the neighborhood for years says, “It’s kind of hard to understand.”

In the last ten days, burglars have made the way into three homes on the same street. Police say the bandits are getting away with coins and electronics. Police reports state the suspects were found snooping in the bedrooms of the homeowners while they were sleeping.

“That`s kind of the scary part, is they really don`t care if you are asleep or awake. They are brazen enough to come in your bedroom and go through your drawers while you’re sleeping in bed.”

Des Moines police say this type of burglary is unusual. Officials say burglaries normally happen when homeowners are not home. However, police say they notice a clear pattern in the burglaries and believe the break – ins may be related.

“People are creatures of habit. Burglars are people so we tend to stick with what we know, what works for us. It’s not uncommon to see burglars work specific area, we`ve seen that in the past,” say Sgt. Jason Haliax.

As a reminder, police say to keep your doors locked and lights on to make it appear that someone is home. If you are traveling during the holiday weekend, they also advise homeowners to ask a neighbor to keep an eye on the home.


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