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Life About to Get Busy for Senator-Elect Ernst

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- She won the support of Iowa voters and next week will become Iowa's first female member of congress.

Joni Ernst will be officially sworn into the United States Senate at a ceremony on Tuesday. When the confetti clears, she'll get her opportunity to deliver on promises made during her campaign.

"There are a lot of priorities out there and a lot of things we need to do,” said Ernst.

Ernst says her first priority is reviewing the federal budget and looking into ways to reduce spending.

"It is something we need to work on between the house and the senate to make sure we're doing our absolute best for tax payers not only in Iowa but across the United States,” Ernst told Channel 13 News.

That's not all that will be on her plate.

Ernst has already been appointed to four committees including armed services, agriculture, nutrition, and forestry, homeland security, and small business and entrepreneurship where she hopes to eliminate regulations halting economic growth.

"Rules and regulations, if they don't make sense, if they aren't protecting the people but are stymying the growth of our industries, we need to take a look at those and if they aren't working, we need to get rid of them,” said Ernst.

Of course, getting things done in Washington will require breaking the old myth that freshman senators should be seen and not heard.

This year, Ernst and the twelve other rookies are confident they'll be in a position of power.

"I am finding that the more senior members of the U.S. Senate, especially those in my caucus are reaching out and are anxious to hear what the freshmen have to say. They want to find out what are our priorities,” said Ernst.

Ernst says she will spend the weekend with her family in Red Oak before heading to Washington Monday morning.

When she returns home, she expects to begin an annual tour of Iowa's 99 counties.

When and where it will start have yet to be released.


  • John

    she’s going to be the same prima donna in DC that she was on the campaign trail. In 90 days most of the myopics who voted for her will regret their choice, but Ted Cruz will have a new playmate in the game to keep anything from being done and opposing anything tied to Obama. In 6 years Obamacare will still be the law of the land, still needing tweaking, still neglected; the IRS will still be a mess because the tax code will be neglected instead of fixed by congress; the department of education will have made gains, but Iowa children will be stupider because the want to grow up an be like King and Ernst…. what a waste of 6 years Ernst will be!

  • bjertbjaeger

    A vain religious hypocrite whose marriage is founded in adultery, screaming about gays. People who love their freedom better wise up fast and start arming themselves against the anti-christs of the world like Ernst.

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