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Man Unsuccessfully Attempts to Rob Bank, Stopped By Customers

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US Bank

DES MOINES, Iowa — A Des Moines man attempting to rob a bank this afternoon was unsuccessful after running into the wrong customer.

Des Moines Police say 48 year old Laymon English walked into the U.S. Bank on 2500 East Euclid just after noon Friday. Police say he then pulled a handgun on a teller and demanded money.

The attempted robbery came to an end moments later when a customer attempting to deposit cash knocked the gun out of English’s hand, placed him into a chokehold and held him until officers arrived. Police say English attempted to steal the cash from the customer before being taken to the ground.

Police say English was unconscious by the time officers arrived. He was taken to a local hospital where he is expected to survive. English could face first degree robbery charges. The man who stopped the robbery faces no criminal charges as police say he executed a citizen’s arrest.


  • Jason

    SO, had the man who stopped Mr. English NOT executed a “citizens arrest,” he would have been charged with something?

    • Josh Bethune

      I was wonderin the same thing surprised the guy who stopped him was not charged. However depending on “who you are” I am sure that if certain people did try to stop him, they would be charged with assault etc.

    • dave rockey

      Since the suspect was armed with a gun and tried to take the citizens money, the citizen could have justifiably shot and killed the suspect if he had a gun himself.

  • D howell

    Wrong bank wrong customer. That may not be smartest thing to do but it worked this time. It is only money and not worth your life. That being said great job!

  • Nameless

    Just wait! I am willing to bet the customer was white, and with a name like Laymon, you know the robber was a black. Next thing you know, we’re gonna have Al Sharpton and the whole NBA team descending upon Des Moines shouting about how #hecan’tbreathe and how he didn’t do nuffin wrong! Thank god he survived, otherwise the entire 1% black population of Des Moines would be tearing apart the city.

    • Cornelius

      Nameless, you should be a member of the press with your ability to make a story out of nothing using baseless speculation.

  • Frank Sladek

    PRAISE the LORD. Protect the innocent and private property! The bank should buy him a full dinner at a nice restaurant. Crook had a gun…give him life without parole. The potential for him to kill someone was very high.

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