Bitter Cold and Snow Roll Into Iowa

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Cold wind blows across downtown Des Moines Iowa

Cold wind blows across downtown Des Moines Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa- It’s that time of year when winter gets serious.  Iowa got an inch or so across parts of central Iowa overnight.  Blustery winds and a dropping thermometer made being outside not as fun as Saturday, even though the sun was shining.

Still Iowans take things in stride. “I think we’ve been very fortunate, every week we get decent weather, it’s good,” said Dean Cooper of Pleasant Hill.  “This is that time of year in Iowa, so we’ve come to expect it, just glad we don’t have any more snow.”

“I work at a preschool, and the kids need some snow to go outside and play in.”  said LaDonna Johnson,she goes on to say the kids need snowfall. “The kids miss the snow. they like it better than us adults do.”

Andy Yost, Albert Lea, Minnesota enjoys winter. “I m an avid snowmobiler, so I like the snow, not the blowing snow.”   Yost, who is a farmer added, “I have livestock so I hate cold temperatures, frozen water fountains are the worst.”

Cole Weinkauf works in construction.  “Dress warm, Carhartts, face mask.”