Iowa Diecast Toy Show for Kids of All Ages

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DES MOINES, Iowa- The 4th Annual Iowa Diecast Toy Show drew toy fans out on a bitter cold Sunday.  The show features many types of farm tractors and implements as toys.  Also various trucks and industrial machines. The show was held at the Elwell Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Tracy Johnson organized this show.  She started her interest in these types of toys thanks to her Dad's interest.  She got so into the diecast toys, she started a toy themed website, then a physical diecast toy store, then the annual toy show.

"People love toys, so it's fun. People come in and there's always stories," said Johnson.  She said some of the toys can get pricey, "In toy world you can spend thousands of dollars. Some of the rarest of the pedal tractors, can be seven, eight, nine thousand dollars for some of those."  Johnson even suggests that some collections need to be insured. "I always encourage people if they've got things that are highly collectable like that,perhaps they do want to talk to their insurance agent about it."

She said some people are serious collectors, some want the type of tractor or truck they had as a kid, and some kids just want toys to play with.

In Iowa there are five companies producing toys.  All are in northeast Iowa near the Ertl toy company which has been producing farm toys for decades.