Snow Removal Business Picks Up with Back to Back Storms

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DES MOINES, Iowa-- Less than two inches of snow fell in the entire month of December. Just a few days into January, we're at almost half that much.

“I don't like snow, but I sure do like pushing it. It's good money,” said Colton Hill, owner of All In One Services.

Hill hit the road at 5 AM this morning. He spent his day going from job to job plowing parking lots and driveways and shoveling sidewalks.

“It’s not that heavy. Easy on the back and easy to push,” Hill said.

Clearing the snow was easy work for Des Moines Public Works crews. About a third of the department’s fleet headed out to plow the streets and put down a salt mixture along the city’s snow route.

“The wind was picking up pretty good so we were having drifting on the snow routes so we began plowing at 2:30 AM,” said acting Public Works Director Bruce Braun.

The 50-person crew drove the snow route which adds up to 674 lane miles in Des Moines. Drivers are on standby for tomorrow’s predicted storm.

“If we get into a full-blown event like they're predicting for tomorrow, then we'll have about double the amount of people out and they'll be working in the residential areas also,” said Braun.

When more than two inches of snow falls, the city's parking ordinance goes into effect. Public Works is reminding residents to keep the streets clear to make room for their plows.