Pharmacy Board Recommends Cannabis Oil Be Schedule II

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Iowa Board of Pharmacy met Monday to discuss a request to re-classify marijuana.

Right now marijuana is listed in Iowa code as a schedule I, or a drug with no proven medical use.

Carl Olsen of Des Moines petitioned the board last July asking them to classify it as a schedule II, or drug with some accepted medical treatment.

“We don`t have any other plants in schedule I that are used to make pharmaceutical drugs, they`re all in schedule II or lower,” says Olsen.

However, the board was hesitant to make such a big step.

“We should keep marijuana in schedule I but the chemical entities that are developed from that should go into schedule II,” says board member Susan Frey.

Olsen's request was denied, but the board unanimously voted to recommend cannabidiol or cannabis oil be classified as a schedule II, or a drug with accepted medical treatment.

“I feel more comfortable making a recommendation on cannabidiol than I do on marijuana,” says board member Edward Maier.

Last year the legislature approved the use of the oil to treat seizure disorders in children.

However, the drug can't be dispensed in Iowa so parents have to travel out-of-state to get it and are running into road blocks crossing other state lines.

Olsen says while the decision isn't what he hoped for, it's a good first step.

“I think it`s a little more momentum, we`re not moving as fast as I would like to see but it`s still moment in the right direction.”

The recommendation will now head to the legislature for a vote.

However, Marshall County Democratic Senator Steve Sodders already put a bill in to classify marijuana as a schedule II. He says re-classification needs to be the first step.




    • Amanda

      Where do you get your information that we make money on drug arrests? The funds and time we throw at the control of Marijuana is ridiculous. This is actually one of the reasons they use to advocate legalizing it. So we can redirect those funds and money made from taxing Marijuana to help control harder drugs. So no that’s not why this is going on.

      • bjertbjaeger

        where do you get YOUR information from, marijuana laws and drug courts feed a steady supply of money to the treatment industry, it fuels an army of consultants and contractors all milking it for every dime they can get. So yes, there is money to be made from drug prohibition.

  • John Smith

    I would love to see the rationale for this decision. In effect, the Board is asserting that the oil has some medicinal use, but the plant it comes from does not. I would certainly like to see the scientific evidence which would lead to that sort of conclusion.

    My guess would be there isn’t any,

    • Carl Olsen

      The rational they gave at the hearing is that opium is in schedule 1 and the drugs made from opium are in schedule 2 or lower. So, by that logic, marijuana should remain in schedule 1 and the drugs made from it placed in schedule 2 or lower. I pointed out that opium is actually in schedule 2 and by their own logic marijuana should be in schedule 2 or lower. Board member James Miller got really angry about it and said, “Duly noted. I move to deny the petition.” Can you imagine that? A board of pharmacy that doesn’t even know what schedule opium plants are in. God help us all.

      • John Smith

        Thank you for the information. And, while this is certainly a head-scratcher, I can’t honestly say I am surprised by it. It has been evident for some decades, I think, that these decisions are simply political in nature; any science available is only considered in terms of whether or not it supports a particular political agenda.

        Good on you for getting what you did!

      • bjertbjaeger

        You actually expected honesty and fairness from the state of Iowa? Maybe if the democrats hadn’t been so anti-drug all these years past, we’d have more progress now. But they were too busy feeding the “treatment” industry and desperately trying to avoid being labeled “pro drug”.

        Every time Iowa has needed bold leadership, we got the status quo and back room deals, now we’re reaping the bitter harvest we earned.

      • Robert McKevitt

        You Sir are a Gentleman and a Scholar! You Mr. Olsen have my support 100% don’t give up and keep at these Idiots who’s logic is ultracrepidarian at best. Somewhere out there is a tree, tirelessly producing oxygen so the Iowa Pharmacy board members can breathe. I think they owe it an apology.

  • harrisbock

    Marijuana stays as a schedule 1 plant, but the chemicals from it fall under schedule 2? Since marijuana is chemically tested to verify it is marijuana…if someone is caught with the plant material, is it a #1 or #2 drug possession since it must me chemically tested? The only way to verify the substance is marijuana is to test it for the chemicals.

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